GENDA upward revision, new global version of “Wrestleri,” and exciting collaborations announced

good morning. The main articles published yesterday, November 20, 2023, are as follows.



【settlement of accounts】

■GENDA has upwardly revised its operating profit for the fiscal year ending January 2024 from 4.3 billion yen to 5 billion yen…Existing stores are exceeding pre-coronavirus levels, and GiGO main store is also “off to a much better start than planned”


[Finance and other business information]

■HIKE’s digital animation studio “100studio” takes over Simplicity’s sound production business and begins sound production for anime, games, and advertisements

■[Game Stock Overview (11/20)]Digital Hearts HD, which announced a capital and business alliance with India’s JS Group, continues to rise for the fourth day Nexon, whose target price has been raised by domestic securities, continues to rise slightly


■ Data utilization examples of Yostar, Grams, and GRAVITY GAME ARISE are revealed! “ThinkingData 0→1 Meetup 2023 Winter” will be held on December 7th! GENDA, Tohoku amusement facility “Supernova” management business and mini game corner 117 Acquired Nippon Popcorn

■GENDA acquires GAGA, a film distribution business, to utilize GAGA’s content procurement capabilities and network in the entertainment industry

■[Stock]Nexon continues to grow Okasan Securities raises target price from 3,800 yen to 4,300 yen

■Avex releases advance scene cuts and synopsis of the 8th episode of the anime “Bikkuri Men” “Fake no Ran”

■Cygames releases the synopsis and advance cut of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3” Episode 8 “What’s Always Been”!

■Kodansha to make a live-action film in Italy based on the legendary popular comic “Tiger Mask” Bringing the immortal hero of Japan and Italy to audiences around the world in a new form

■&DC3’s e-book viewer “CLIP STUDIO READER” has been adopted on the official website of Drecom’s Webtoon label “DRE STUDIOS”


■Bandai Namco FW will collaborate with VR production company Atlas V to produce the pioneering VR movie “Mobile Suit Gundam: Phantom of Silver Ash” based on the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series.

■[What day is it today?]Yostar starts pre-registration for tower defense “Arknights” (November 20, 2019)

■GENDA GiGO changes its name from the Taiwanese corporation “Taiwan Jusikyo Co., Ltd.” to “Taiwan Kikyo Co., Ltd.” The Japanese name is GSE Taiwan to GiGO Taiwan.


[New item]

■EXNOA releases app version of transformation heroine x full-scale battle RPG “Tinkle Star Knights”

■ Data utilization examples of Yostar, Grams, and GRAVITY GAME ARISE are revealed! “ThinkingData 0→1 Meetup 2023 Winter” will be held on December 7th! Individual developer “Mori no Oyatsu”, abyss exploration action “Into the Labyss” released on Google Play

■Konami Amusement begins operation of “Fortune Trinity Time Space Diamond”

■Blazeworks will release “Aichi Quest” tomorrow, November 21st…A local game app where you can enjoy the charm of Aichi Prefecture

■Indie game developer Daimao Entertainment releases idle RPG “How do cats live?” for smartphones

■Urkus Heaven has started service for the slapstick idle RPG “Monnashi Princess”! A campaign commemorating the release on Official X is also being held!

■Alpaca Connect launches new play-by-web service “BullShit★Break!!”

■Alpaca Connect launches play-by-web new service “Tokyo Insomnia 1999”



■Koei Tecmo and Akatsuki announce the global version of “Atelier Wrestleriana”! Official website released & pre-registration started!

■SEGA releases some of the character initial jobs and various new jobs such as Kasuga and Kiryu exclusive jobs from “Ryu ga Gotoku 8”

■G-MODE, G-MODE Archive “Big Banquet Manager” will be released! A collection of mini-games based on the Japanese office worker culture “banquet”


■Idea Factory releases official website for Otomate’s new work “Mistonia no Kibou -The Lost Delight-“

■Imagineer releases information about Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, and Megurine Luka as new characters who will be exercise partners in “Fit Boxing feat. Hatsune Miku”

■Deragame is holding a “Character Survey Campaign for Everyone” where you can win Amazon gift cards every week with “Yurutto Puzzle – Kanahei’s Small Animals Wonderful Hotel”!

■BAEL appoints Ryosuke Yamada as TV commercial character for new smartphone game “Blue Rock BLAZE BATTLE”

■ Data usage examples of Yostar, Grams, and GRAVITY GAME ARISE are revealed! “ThinkingData 0→1 Meetup 2023 Winter” will be held on December 7th! 2nd “Otomate Graffiti” collection of masterpieces from Idea Factory and Otomate brands The official website and release date of “Hakuoki Shinkai Yuugiroku: Great Banquet of the Soldiers” for Nintendo Switch released.

■Mobile game release calendar… researched by gamebiz (as of November 20th)

■Aiming announces new smartphone game “Tap Hunter ~Sword and Magic Idle RPG~” commemorating the 10th anniversary of “Sword and Magic Logres Ancient Goddess”



■[Google Play (11/20)]New work “Shanison” released on November 14th enters the top 30 for the first time “Mashu Tamashii”, which is collaborating with “Prisma☆Illya”, suddenly rises to 6th place

■[AppStore (11/20)]”Monster Strike” takes the lead in the first collaboration with “I want to be a power behind the scenes!” “Hebban” featuring Charlotta Skopovskaya/Maria de Angelis of new costume SS is up 62 ranks



■LiTMUS and Aiming will hold the 4th “Authorized Rookie Streamer Tournament” in “Jailbreak Gokko PRO”!

■BANDAI NAMCO ENT will hold the 2nd anniversary live broadcast of “Mobile Suit Gundam UC ENGAGE” official live broadcast program “Gundam UCE Information Bureau #23” from 19:00 on November 27th


■Zuiki exhibits “DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini” at “Amusement Expo in Tokyo Big Sight”

■Oami, “Master Asia” from “Mobile Fighter G Gundam” is made into a three-dimensional figure in an impressive pose showing off the undefeated style of Touhou

■Capcom’s unique and practical “Hunting Guidebook” prize from “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” is now available at Capcom’s directly managed amusement stores!

■Asobism starts selling official goods of “The Castle and the Dragon” on the character goods mail order site “Magiget”

■Born Digital publishes the book “Composition and Narrative: The Secret to Telling a Story in Your Pictures”… Famous artists from around the world thoroughly dissect the theory and practice of composition and narrative.



■REALITY, Smartphone Metaverse “REALITY” has exceeded 15 million downloads worldwide! Reached just one year after exceeding 10 million downloads!

■GuildQB and Meta Heroes collaborate on world building, marketing, etc. in “Fortnite”



■GungHo will hold “Chainsaw Man Collaboration Super God Fest” with “Puzzle & Dragons”!

■Activision Blizzard launches Black Friday sale with 40% off all editions of Diablo IV

■“FGO” plans to open “Gudaguda 2023” from late November to early December

■Bushiroad will hold “Versus Event Ver. Tsubasa & Maria” at “Senki Zesshou Symphogear XD UNLIMITED”

■COLOPL’s new Oskrol wear is now available for “Shironeko GOLF”!

■Odd Number holds 6 major half-anniversary projects for “Link!Like! Love Live!”

■KONAMI holds “Ball Banquet Power Pro Collection Gacha” on “Power Pro App”

■Cygames will be holding a large event “Saikomi Dai Thanksgiving 2023” from today where you can get a large amount of bonus coins in “Saikomi”! New series will start one after another where you can earn coins just by reading one episode!


■BOI announces that “Memento Mori” will be reprinting “[Thunder Witch]Cerberus” from 2:30 p.m. on November 22nd

■ASOBISM will be holding a reprint special dungeon “Dragon Poker” starting today!

■LINE Yahoo holds a large event “Jumpuchi Special Feature Festival” on “Jumpuchi Heroes”! “Jumpuchi Heroes Special Feature Festival SKET DANCE Edition” starts

■BANDAI NAMCO ENT, “Taiko no Tatsujin RHYTHM CONNECT” free LINE stamps available for a limited time New event “BINGO Space Travel” held


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