Geary 46.0 Email Client Now Available for Download

Published mail client release Geary 46.0, designed for use in the GNOME environment. The project was originally founded by the Yorba Foundation, which created the popular photo manager Shotwell, but later development was taken over by the GNOME community. The code is written in Vala language and distributed by licensed under LGPL. Ready-made assemblies will soon be prepared in the form of a self-contained package flatpak.

The goal of the project development is to create a product rich in capabilities, but at the same time extremely easy to use and consuming a minimum of resources. The email client is designed both for stand-alone use and to work in conjunction with web-based email services such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. The interface is implemented using the GTK3+ library. An SQLite database is used to store the message database, and a full-text index is created to search the message database. To work with IMAP, a GObject-based library is used that works in asynchronous mode (mail download operations do not block the interface).


IN new version Notification messages have been simplified, navigation problems have been resolved, messages continue to be delivered after errors during data transfer, correct counting of unread messages has been established, translations have been updated and minor improvements have been made to the interface.

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