‘Gaming Chromebooks with RGB keyboard on the way’

9to5Google has spotted a notable change in the code of Chrome OS, the operating system of the Chromebooks of the same name. So it looks like Google is working on supporting RGB lighting for keyboards, where the color of each key can be set individually.

Although the addition of this feature may not seem very special at first glance, 9to5Google has discovered more information. Supporting RGB seems to target specific unannounced devices, rather than Chrome OS itself. The website has discovered three different code names: Vell, Taniks and Ripple. Vell is reportedly linked to Quanta and HP, while Taniks is said to come from LCFC and Lenovo. Both models are expected to be equipped with an Intel Alder Lake processor.

It is not clear which manufacturer is responsible for the development of Ripple. In addition, this name would not refer to a Chromebook, but to a detachable keyboard (such as the Pixel Slate) that is equipped with RGB lighting. This means that a gaming-focused Chrome OS tablet may be on the way.

Currently, Google has not shared any information about such products. It is therefore not known when these gaming systems should come on the market.

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