Games funding: Baden-Württemberg steps up –

Games BW is organizing a joint stand at Gamescom under the umbrella brand “The Länd” (Image: MFG Kreativ)


Because the Ministry of Economic Affairs is involved, Baden-Württemberg can invest €1.2 million in games funding this year.

Games BW is the name of the computer games funding program with which the state-run MFG media and film company Baden-Württemberg supports game developers in the southwest of the country. From 2024, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Tourism will contribute €600,000 for the first time, increasing the total volume to €1.2 million – last year it was €1.1 million. Concepts, prototypes and implementation, i.e. production, are supported. A five-person jury chaired by Rocket Beans managing director Heiko Gogolin decides on the distribution.

That's it 'The Country' (Self-promotion) is still behind the much larger pots of the top group North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Berlin / Brandenburg, but the gap is at least a little smaller.

Restriction: Similar to Hesse, Baden-Württemberg particularly wants to promote games that “cannot be assigned solely to the entertainment sector”, but are also used for training, education and further training. In short: serious games.


Economics Minister Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU): “Games technologies are used far beyond the entertainment sector in all economic sectors, from the automotive industry to mechanical engineering to medical technology and of course in the entire area of ​​training and further education.” Hoffmeister-Kraut describes the games industry as “special innovation engine” and “Digital Frontrunner”.

Art State Secretary Arne Braun (Greens): “Games funding is an investment in the future viability of our economic and digital location and, together with artificial intelligence and animation, is a flagship of Baden-Württemberg. At the same time, games are an important cultural asset and an exciting form of enabling cultural participation. It is therefore right that our cultural institutions deal with the medium and that the universities and academies in the country offer specific courses of study.”

The games hotspots in Baden-Württemberg have so far been in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and especially in Karlsruhe, which is home to, among others, the online games company Gameforge – one of the largest employers in the industry with 300 employees. Other large companies: Black Forest Games (Offenburg), Kr3m (Karlsruhe), Promotion Software (Tübingen) and Studio Fizbin (Ludwigsburg). The university landscape that offers games-specific courses of study is also particularly important.

The application deadline for participation in The Länd joint stand in the business area of ​​Gamescom 2024 ended yesterday, April 1st (starts on August 21st). The federal state has been taking part in the Cologne video games fair for years; Last year, Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) stopped by.