Games developed with Unity. How to repeat the feat in game development?

Unity is a versatile, functional game engine that allows you to develop games for any operating system. Having mastered Unity, you will not only start creating your own successful projects, but also easily find work in any large company.

We figure out what games, online tutorials and Unity courses for developing 2D, 3D and VR games.


Best Unity Games

The best Unity games in the history of the engine include the following projects:

  1. Temple Run… A mobile game about an adventurer running away from demonic monkeys in Aztec ruins in an attempt to steal an idol from a temple. For 2021, downloaded over 500 million times. It was developed in the endless runner genre by Imangi Studios. The goal is to run as far as possible, there is no finish here.
  2. Endless Legend… The computer game was released in 2012 in the genre of a global turn-based 4X strategy. It is released with a unique universe and mechanics that provide an unusual setting.
  3. Pokemon Go… The mobile game gained worldwide fame in just a week after its release. It shows modern augmented reality technologies and encourages players to be physically active. The number of downloads is over 100 million.

Of course, to create a successful game, not only the game engine is important, but also the quality of the game, experience, marketing.

How to learn Unity 3D development

Major online universities offer complete Unity programs. Netology, Skillbox, SkillFactory, GeekBrains, OTUS and others – all of these companies have courses on learning Unity and developing the first games from different levels of knowledge.

For those who are not yet ready to pay for expensive courses, there are free introductory webinars from the same companies, where the basics of the engine are covered.

You can also view online tutorials – for example:

  • “Unity in action. Multi-platform development in C # “;
  • “Unity and C #. Gamedev from idea to implementation ”.

You will find tons of free tutorials on YouTube, assembled into complete online courses that teach you the basics of Unity from scratch. Each lesson lasts on average no more than 10-15 minutes.

At the same time, it is better to learn how to develop games on this engine on paid courses from well-known companies. It is difficult to learn all the features and capabilities of Unity on your own. And in paid courses, a large amount of information is studied in doses, from simple to complex – as a result, in a few months you will become a Unity professional.