Game of Thrones Star Announces Career Change and New Path in 2024

Culture news “One of the greatest honors of my life”: this Game of Thrones star will change careers and in 2024, he will burn the boards


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We all know Kit Harington, famous actor for his legendary role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones: here he is soon back… but not in front of the cameras! The Briton will star in Slave Play, an extremely renowned play.


The resurrection

The least we can say is that Kit Harington made his mark on pop culture for his interpretation of the legendary Jon Snow in the famous HBO series Game Of Thrones from 2011 to 2019. We have since seen him in several films including some blockbusters – The Eternals on behalf of the MCU, for example – but it is clear that he is relatively discreet. It must be said that he had some personal problems, as he admitted to the Times.

People treated me like I was the character, who was good and a hero. But in my private life, I am light years away from feeling that way. And it shook me psychologically, in a way. I drank a lot. I have gone through several addictions and all that entails. I hid a lot, among other things: which is the exact opposite of this character I played, who was incapable of telling the slightest lie. Disappointment could be seen on people's faces the minute I started speaking.

A real challenge and psychological test, but Kit Harington is now determined to put his acting back in the spotlight. In 2024, he will make his comeback, but through theater and not cinema by appearing in Slave Play, a play written by Jeremy O. Harris in 2018 with twelve Tony Award nominationsa record for a non-musical piece.

Back in the spotlight

Slave Play is a play that has made noise and even controversy: it deals with sensitive subjects – racism, interracial relationships, sex, trauma or even power and what results from it – and we follows three interracial couples, where the black partners no longer experience sexual attraction towards their white partners. Through its three acts, the theme of slavery in the United States and role-playing games on sexual slavery are addressed.

"One of the greatest honors of my life" : this Game of Thrones star will change careers and in 2024, he will burn the boards

Given its obvious success, O. Harris can therefore pride himself on having been able to export his play almost everywhere, outside the United States.

"One of the greatest honors of my life" : this Game of Thrones star will change careers and in 2024, he will burn the boards

Jeremy O. Harris

Slave Play was a play written for my friends in graduate school who rarely had the chance to be in the spotlight. It was written with the idea that the Iseman Stage (my university's theater) would be its first and final home. Yet five years later, we are off-Broadway, on Broadway, and all over America. And now in London. Many of the people who were present at the very first reading in my university flat have followed the play's progress ever since and are returning to perform it in London. It is one of the great honors and gifts of my life that we have come to this point.

Kit Harrington has therefore been chosen for the British premiere of Slave Play in London, which will take place from June 29 to September 21 at the Noël Coward Theatre. The play will be directed by Robert O'Hara, the director of the Broadway production, no less. Alongside him, we will find actors like Fisayo Akinade, Aaron Heffernan and Olivia Washington, as well as a plethora of others from the original Broadway play.

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