Game Awards 2023: CoD developers angry because of swipe

Kratos spokesman Christopher Judge took a swipe at “Call of Duty” during his speech at this year’s Game Awards. However, a few developers of the shooter series didn’t find it funny at all.

When Christopher Judge took the stage at the Game Awards 2023, fans probably had a bad feeling. After all, the Kratos speaker bored the audience last year with an eight-minute speech, with which he even got one set a record.


This time, however, Judge kept it short. He quickly reassured the audience: “I’m not going to stand up here and give long speeches. I will stick to the script. Not an eight-minute speech like last year.”

He added a little joke that audibly amused the audience: “But joking aside, my speech was actually longer than this year’s Call of Duty campaign.”

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Inappropriate given the circumstances

But some developers of the “Call of Duty” series can’t laugh about it. For example, Darcy Sandall of Sledgehammer Games wrote: “Honestly, as Call of Duty developers, we’ve heard much worse. But we don’t expect something like that from a colleague at an event intended to celebrate the year’s achievements in gaming. Especially after all the information that has been leaked about the game’s development.”

Reported before publication Bloombergthat only half as much development time was invested as with other “Call of Duty” offshoots. That’s why the employees were under pressure and had to accept a lot of crunch time.

Nelson Plumey, on the other hand, fired back: “Imagine that users only engage with the game for a short time once it has been consumed. I can not comprehend that.”


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However, Treyarch’s deputy art director compares single-player and multiplayer games here. As a result, his tweet wasn’t particularly well received. Someone writes that “Call of Duty” would never have the numbers of a “God of War” game if it only had single-player content.

Numbers from CoD destroy GoW – still no hate

Finally, Ajinkya Limaye spoke up. Bungie’s senior systems designer used to work at Infinity Ward: “Funny. But yeah, the metric that Call of Duty absolutely destroys all the God of War games (probably combined, to be honest) is just as ridiculous (if not more so).”

Like Sandall, Limaye subsequently deleted his post. Why the latter developer decided to do this he explained later. Here he made it clear: he didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention and was just reacting to a joke that was difficult for him to understand. The reason for this is probably the development circumstances discussed above.

“Obviously no hate towards GoW! Peace,” Limaye concludes his written words.

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