Gällivare duo Hooja makes games: “Given to do it for real”

After the talked about music video, there will be sharp play.

Hooja is a music duo from Gällivare. They are known for making the epattractors shake and even got the eyes of the gaming world on them last year, when they made a music video in 16 retro fine pieces together with the Aurora Punks. Many are still humming “banana, melon, kiwi and lemon”.

It looked like a game, but it wasn’t. Almost half a year later, however, things have happened.

We wanted to make a music video like that, which made you feel like you were controlling it like a 16-bit game. We and our Poles were so impressed by the music video that we thought it was a given to make a real game.

The duo says so in a press release. Yep, Hooray The Game is official and once again with Aurora Punks behind the controls. It will be an endless runner for mobiles where the main character (Hooja) runs through Stockholm. The music is (obviously) from Hooja and the goal is to collect cassettes and unlock songs. You need to jump over obstacles and can collect coins to get drinks in “Spaj Bar”.

The release will take place before the summer and Hooja is Hooja when they describe the feelings:

I remember when you sat at home in your boy’s room in the village and plowed through game by game on that 16-bit manikin, it was a completely different feeling then compared to today’s stunt shark games. We want to take all Poles back to that feeling, that time.