From Meeting Tesla to Going to the Moon: Wanderer – A Time Travel VR Game

wanderer time travel vr

The main character of Wanderer is Escher Neumann, who gains the ability to travel through time and space and collects various artifacts left by his grandfather in order to prevent the death of the world in 2061.

Neumann, judging by the trailer and the description of the game, will go to the Second World War and will work with counterintelligence, perform at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, meet the inventor Nikola Tesla, and end up on the moon.

Wanderer was developed by the independent New Zealand studios Oddboy and M Theory. The series “Quantum Leap” and “Darkness” became the sources of inspiration for them.

The debut episode of Wanderer is slated for release in Q3 2021. In total, the developers plan to release three parts of the game, the first of which was made with the support of the PlayStation. Wanderer is coming to PS VR, Steam VR and Oculus helmets.

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