Friendly Fire: Emergency aid fund supports helpers in Libya and Morocco (Update)

The Friendly Fire 8 artwork for Starfield comes from Kerim Rorschach (Image: PietSmiet UG)

The Friendly Fire 8 ensemble reaches for the stars: the endless expanses of Starfielduniverse provided the motto for the donation stream on December 3rd.

Update from September 19, 2023: The Friendly Fire emergency fund steps in again: after the devastating… Floods in Libya and the Earthquake in Morocco The team is providing a total of €100,000: amounts between €10,000 and €14,000 will go to eight German aid organizations that are working on site.

Loud Donation stand There is currently exactly €123,245.42 left. The next edition of the donation stream (Friendly Fire 9) is for the 1st weekend of Advent on the 2nd/3rd. December planned.

Update from February 16, 2023: Since 2021, the Friendly Fire team has been putting aside part of its income in the ‘Friendly Fire Emergency Fund’ in order to be able to help quickly and unbureaucratically in acute emergencies (Ahrtal, Ukraine).

At the beginning of the week it was announced that a further €88,000 had been transferred to organizations that support people in areas particularly affected by the earthquake in Turkey and neighboring areas. The money goes to Fire International Civil Protection, STELP, Aktion Deutschland helps, Care Deutschland and Space Eye.

According to project manager Lena Laaser, Friendly Fire’s budget is 7 “Used up to the last cent”. Because Friendly Fire 8 again grossed a seven-figure sum in December, there is room for maneuver again for the current year.

Also for Friendly Fire 9 (planning for which has already begun) on December 2nd, 2023, an eighth of the donation amount should flow into the Friendly Fire emergency aid fund.

Update from December 5, 2022: It was honestly not expected that last year’s record of almost 2 million euros would be broken – and that is of course not the stated goal of the Friendly Fire makers in front of and behind the camera.

Instead, the motto applies: Every euro counts. Especially against the backdrop of high inflation and rising energy costs, it is all the more remarkable that viewers of the Friendly Fire 8 live stream on Saturday and Sunday once again donated more than 1 million euros.

In addition, there will be at least €450,000 from fan merchandise revenue and a further €150,000 from sponsors such as Bethesda / Microsoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment or NZXT. In total, each of the seven selected organizations (see list below) plus the Friendly Fire emergency fund can count on €200,000 each – urgently needed money to help quickly and unbureaucratically and to alleviate hardship.

Donations are still available on the Betterplace website possible – the fan articles are available Yvolve.

Friendly Fire 8: The preliminary donation amount is more than €1.1 million (as of December 5, 2022)
Friendly Fire 8: The preliminary donation amount is more than €1.1 million (as of December 5, 2022)

Update from December 2, 2022: If you want to be there live at Friendly Fire 8, you can watch the program tomorrow Saturday via Twitch PietSmiet’s channel track. The Schedule:

  • from 2 p.m.: Pre-show and countdown
  • from 15 clock: Main program

The official fan items (hoodies, T-shirts, mugs, calendars, caps, etc.) are available as usual at merchandise specialist Yvolve. The proceeds will once again go to a good cause this year.

If you would prefer to donate directly, you have the opportunity to do so on the Betterplace website – upon request with a donation receipt.

Update from November 29, 2022: Next Saturday (December 3rd) the eighth edition of the fundraising livestream Friendly Fire will take place. The twelve-hour show begins at 2 p.m. with the traditional ‘pre-show’ in which the non-profit projects and associations introduce themselves. The main program starts at 3 p.m on PietSmiet’s Twitch channel.

The list of sponsors and partners who, in addition to merchandise revenue and audience donations, contribute to the overall result has also become longer:

  • NEW Twitch
  • NEW Daedalic Entertainment
  • NEW NZXT+Intel
  • Bethesda (main sponsor with Starfield)
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment (Park Beyond)
  • Dr. Oetker La Mia Grande
  • Esport Factory
  • Fritz Kola
  • Microsoft
  • Stepstone

Report from October 17, 2022: The successor of Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6 Friendly Fire 8 is the main sponsor of the fundraising marathon Starfield: The science fiction role-playing game from Bethesda, announced for 2023, provided the artist Kerim Rorschach with the template for the design of calendars, T-shirts, mugs and more Fan articles about Friendly Fire 8which are now being distributed by Yvolve.

This year, the proceeds from the sale of these fan items, together with viewer donations and sponsorship proceeds, will once again benefit charitable organizations and initiatives in equal parts.

This time the money goes to:

The eighth edition of the twelve-hour donation stream is scheduled for the first weekend in December – the starting signal is therefore on Saturday, December 3rd (3 p.m.) on the PietSmiet’s Twitch channel. The clubs that will be supported with the donations this year will introduce themselves from 2 p.m.

For Friendly Fire 8 the ensemble slips into Starfield clothes (Photos: PietSmiet UG / Andreas Krupa)
For Friendly Fire 8 the ensemble slips into Starfield clothes (Photos: PietSmiet UG / Andreas Krupa)

The seven previous editions of Friendly Fire raised a total of almost €6.3 million – last year alone, viewers and companies contributed almost €2 million.

This year the tried and tested Friendly Fire ensemble also consists of:

  • Artur Niemczuk (fisHC0p)
  • Christian Stinghaus (Team Pietsmiet)
  • Dennis Brammen (Team PietSmiet)
  • Eric Range (Gronkh)
  • Florian Heider (The Heider)
  • Jonathan ‘Jay’ Apel (Team PietSmiet)
  • Max Ensikat (Phunkroyal)
  • Pascal Rothkegel (MrMoreGame)
  • Peter Smits (Team PietSmiet)
  • Sebastian Lenßen (Team PietSmiet)
  • Tatjana Werth (Pandorya)

The team also includes a court photographer Andreas Krupa (“eosAndy”), make-up artist Nancy Wenz and project manager Lena Laser.

The sponsors of Friendly Fire 8:

  • Bethesda (main sponsor)
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment (Park Beyond)
  • Dr. Oetker La Mia Grande
  • Esport Factory
  • Fritz Kola
  • Microsoft
  • NZXT
  • Stepstone

The Betterplace platform is once again responsible for the administrative processing of donations – this is intended to ensure that the money actually reaches the clubs and that donors receive a donation receipt. The Munich Laser Studios are responsible for the production – the venue is the Esports Factory.