Free ‘Legendary Edition’ Distribution Begins!

Today, Steam is giving away free distribution of Runner Duck's popular RTS “Space Crew: Legendary Edition” released in 2020 for a limited time.startDid.

“Space Crew: Legendary Edition” will be available for free from today until 3am on March 15th, so if you are interested, why not get it as soon as possible?


Space Crew: Legendary Edition

“Space Crew: Legendary Edition” is now available. It's a single-player survival simulation game that's never easy!

The player is the captain of the United Defense Force and the captain of his own spaceship. Recruit a crew, customize your ship, and explore the galaxy to save Earth from a mysterious extraterrestrial threat known as the Phasmids. Various difficulties await, and crew members must carry out dangerous missions that even risk their lives. Become a legend in the galaxy!

Travel across the galaxy to defeat humanity's threats as you take part in a variety of missions, including scouting, bounty hunting, exploration, and new expedition team missions. Develop your crew, from captain to communications officer, into an elite fighting force that deals with exciting and dangerous situations such as fighter jet attacks and spaceship invasions, as well as the challenge of repairing systems and putting out fires. Upgrade your spaceship by customizing weapons, armor, engines, and more! (Make it even more stylish with custom paint!)

android ambush

A new campaign “Android Ambush” has been added to the “Space Crew” adventure. Fight against a droid army led by an evil android who once belonged to the United Defense Force! Battle enemy leaders and ships in new star systems with new gear, looks, and upgrades that victorious captains unlock. This android is completely different from Fasmid, so you'll have to rethink your tactics from scratch.

expedition team mission

“Expedition Team Missions'' are all-new missions in which players disembark from a spaceship and embark on foot with a crew of three to an outpost or large ship. Expedition team missions involve exploration, puzzle solving, and combat. Choosing the right team is the key to survival, as it can be a race against time!

legendary crew member

“Legendary Edition” needs a crew worthy of its name! Build the ultimate crew by rescuing or discovering legendary crew members with amazing abilities and excellent stats, and arrange them to your liking. You can't get these special crews just by recruiting them. They can be found in rescue missions, expedition team missions, or must be unlocked using codes in community contests.

Information source and image:Steam