Free Distribution Begins for Four Game Titles, Including ‘First Light’ on doope! Website

Prime Gaming, which recently began giving away 2005's “STAR WARS Battlefront II,” “Weird West,” and “Genesis Noir” for free, yesterday began the second round of free games for June, offering four titles for a limited time. These include Beamdog's roguelite FPS “MythForce,” inspired by 80s fantasy anime, and the puzzle platformer “Projection: First Light,” which is based on shadow puppetry.

MythForce” will be distributed until July 18, 2024,Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread” will be distributed until August 15th, “Everdream Valley“and”Projection: First Light” will be available until September 12th, so if you're interested, why not get your hands on one early?


Mythforce (Epic Game Store Code)

Inspired by popular Saturday morning cartoons, MythForce is a new roguelike adventure that combines swords and magic with gripping first-person combat.

Engaging first-person sword and sorcery. Explore colorful animated castles, wield legendary weapons and powerful magic to defeat hordes of enemies in immersive fantasy dungeons.

Explore an ever-changing evil castle – a new adventure awaits every time you try to storm the keep! Explore replayable dungeons with treasures, traps and terrors lurking around every corner.

Team up and fight evil. Brave the dungeons alone or join forces in co-op mode with up to 4 players. Choose your team wisely – each hero brings unique skills to the fight!

Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread (GOG Code)

Prevent the apocalypse with Blast Brigade! This colorful 2D action-adventure game is inspired by 80s popcorn action movies and combines Metroidvania-style exploration with the bullet frenzy of old-school action games. Assemble a team of charismatic playable characters, upgrade your arsenal, explore a paradise island where a world-destroying plan is hidden, and thwart the machinations of mad scientist Dr. Cread!

Everdream Valley (Amazon Games App)

A farming adventure with a touch of magic. By day, restore the quaint homestead into a summer paradise. Grow crops, care for animals and rebuild to your heart's content. By night, possess different farmland creatures through your dreams and bring magic to the valley.

This little mansion needs attention and there's a lot to do! Grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and raise a huge number of animals. You'll need to protect your crops from pests and keep your animals fed, healthy and entertained – all while earning resources to repair and expand your little summer paradise.

When you fall asleep, the magic of the valley is awakened. Each night, you'll dream about playing unique mini-games that allow you to become one of the farm's many animals. The more animals you have on your farm, the more nighttime adventures you'll unlock, each with unique rewards and impacts on your farm the next morning.

Explore the open world to find more adventures, animals, collectibles and discover what gives you magical dreams at night…

Projection: First Light (Amazon Games App)

What is Projection?: Projection: First Light follows the adventures of Greta, a young girl living in a mythical shadow world, as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery with the help of legendary heroes from each culture she explores.

ART & MUSIC: Featuring atmospheric visuals and an ethereal soundtrack made from antique shadow puppet instruments, Projection: First Light takes players on an all-encompassing voyage through the history of shadow puppetry as it evolved through Indonesia, China, Turkey and 19th century Britain.

GAMEPLAY & MECHANICS: Early in her exploration, Greta learns the ability to control and manipulate light sources – turning shadows into platforms and barriers, illuminating elegant and imaginative solutions to puzzles and vanquishing foes – Projection: First Light explores themes of worldliness, respect and understanding.

Source and image:Amazon