Fraudsters began to aggressively empty the budget of all family members along the chain

Now extortionists have begun to process not only the chosen victim, but also her relatives. Bank officials confirmed that the scheme is gaining momentum. All family savings are at risk.

Kommersant told about it. At first, everything goes according to the standard, the attackers present themselves as bank employees or law enforcement officers. The purpose of the call is supposedly to keep money from being stolen by hackers.

If the subscriber comes across cautious, the extortionists switch to his next of kin, including children. Pressure on family members also takes place in an extremely aggressive form: they force them to influence, take a loan instead of a recalcitrant victim, or transfer funds to a safe account. So several people fall into the trap at once, wanting to protect personal savings and the finances of their loved ones.

Employees of banking services commented on the action of scammers:

“As a result, whole families are already facing threats and extortion. Such an aggressive psychological impact can lead to dangerous situations and the withdrawal of funds on a much larger scale, because the entire family budget is at stake.”