Former Rockstar boss working on big competition for GTA 6 – Shows first trailer

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Von: Aileen Udowenko

Former Rockstar boss Leslie Benzies has now shown the first trailer of his new AAA title. It seems GTA 6 will have competition before release.

Hamburg – As part of the very ambitious Everywhere project, ex-rock star boss Leslie Benzies has now presented his new blockbuster title. The game will be a game within a game, so to speak, and fans already seem to be excited. The first trailer exudes plenty of GTA charm but can also score with its graphics. We reveal what you should be prepared for at MindsEye.

Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publishers Build A Rocket Boy
Serie Everywhere
developer Build A Rocket Boy Games
Genre Action Adventure

GTA legend is working on a new blockbuster title in the Everywhere cosmos – that’s what awaits us

This is MindsEye: Nobody can hide from the multiversus theme anymore. Whether in comics, films or video games – the principle of parallel dimensions and timelines stops at nothing. Not before Everywhere, the new open-world spectacle from Build A Rocket Boy Games, in which GTA legend Leslie Benzies is also involved. Like Roblox and Fortnite Creative, the game is intended to become a creative platform for players, which is home to several independent games. So also the newly announced game MindsEye.

Who is Leslie Benzies?

Leslie Benzies is a Scottish game developer best known for his work on various GTA parts. Benzies has been involved in the development of the series since 2001’s GTA III and was president of Rockstar North. In 2016, however, he left the studio and a legal dispute broke out between the developer and Rockstar Games. Meanwhile Benzies founded his own studio Build A Rocket Boy Games.

Not much is known about MindsEye yet, but the short trailer is already making fans look forward to the game. Because GTA action is probably included in the game. In addition to the wild chases and gunfire shown in the teaser, we can expect a futuristic setting, eerie technologies and evil tech companies. Here we have included the MindsEye trailer from YouTube:

GTA legend is working on a new blockbuster title – could compete with Rockstar

Does GTA 6 have competition? Leslie Benzies is the founder of Build A Rocket Boy Games and therefore also involved in the development of MindsEye. Since the game dev has already been in charge of the development of some titles in the GTA series, a slight “Grand Theft Auto” charm may also be found in his new blockbuster game. Especially the car scenes in the MindsEye teaser made us think a lot of GTA.

Ex-Rockstar boss working on big competition for GTA 6 – Shows first trailer © Build A Rocket Boy Games

However, it is not yet known exactly when MindsEye is to be released. So far, the studio has only said that Everywhere is expected to be released in 2023. However, there is even more speculation about the release of the latest GTA part, especially after Microsoft’s GTA 6 statement. Should the releases of the two AAA titles overlap, however, players could be faced with a tough decision as to which game ends up in the shopping cart.