Forecasters announced the weather forecast for the Chelyabinsk region on November 25

On Friday, November 25, in the Chelyabinsk region it will be cloudy with clearings, sleet remains. Forecasters warn of light precipitation in the form of snow. The thermometer during the day will show from -10 to -15 degrees. Wind north-east, north from 4 to 9 meters per second, gusts up to 12 in some places.

In Chelyabinsk today it is cloudy with clearing, light snow. The roads are icy. The air temperature during the day will be 11-13 degrees below zero. Wind northeast, north 4-9 meters per second.

November 25, according to folk traditions, was called John the Merciful. Under the ban was everything bad and negative. It was necessary to think about the good, to behave politely and piously. Any negative emotions could affect what the future life would be like. You can read more folk tales for this day here.

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