For Honor: Afeera, presentation, combo, guide and tips for the new Hero –

The start of the year brings a new hero, Afeera, to For Honor.We present it with some tricks to play it and avoid being demolished.

Once is not custom, like every six months, a new hero, Afeera, emerges from the desolate, war-torn land of Heatmoor.This time it’s during the Y6S4 that the Hero is planned, on February 2, 2023, either tonight!


Affera of the Traveler faction is designated as the nemesis of the Vortigers. As for each Hero, he has a range of moves specific to his gameplay, we present all this, with some tricks to play it.

Affera, the new hero of For Honor

The Afeera are women, tactical geniuses, of Arab origin, protectors of the Sultana, they will terrorize the battlefield, armed with their mass and of their shield.

The Hero is in style Hybrid, he holds a combo kit which will push the less attentive players to their last entrenchment.Extremely volatile, his fighting style relies heavily on bash and holds a mix-up really special.

If you like making acrobatics in all directions and styles of spectacular fights then you will enjoy playing Afeera!



His style of play and his combos

His kit may be quite basic in appearance, but is actually very diversified.


There are of course the classic chain combos:

  • Light + Light
  • Light + Heavy
  • Heavy + Light
  • Heavy + Heavy

Each heavy attack from end of combo to a different effect depending on which side you attack.If the heavy attack hits gauche, elle destabilize the adversary, if she strikes right, she will imblocable and if she knocks high, she will inesquivable.

The heavy attack dodges are pretty quick and can easily lead to a combo if you don’t. don’t abuse it too much. Unlike the Berserker’s dodge which, when parried, leads to a very severe punishment, this one is not too violent.

Done attention not to be too much predictable and diversify your attacks, you will be easily punished otherwise. Avoid to use the dash attack which is far too punishable.


As said before, the Hero also relies heavily on his bash extremely powerful.Like the Valkyrie or the Vortiger, its combos are peppered with Shield Bash, but also of kick et dodges being able to get closer to the Shinobi.

Note that all melee hits increase the speed of combo end heavy attacks, while keeping their properties, making them much harder to predict.

After each move, you can undo the recover of your attacks with a melee hit “Khassaki Kick” which leads to a new combo.You can also, if you still have little stamina for example, do a dodge « Astro Flip Cancel », which can also lead to new combo.


Dodges have the property « Seismic Shield »acting as a DETOUR, you can start a combo right after with the shield blow « Heat Death », giving a heavy attack imblocable free.

Published on 02/02/2023 at 17:49
Par Basko