For Cisco, trust is the key factor in enhancing cybersecurity

For Cisco, trust is the key factor in enhancing cybersecurity

We are experiencing a period of great digital transformation and it is not easy for companies to find the right balance between the technology needed to support their business and the need to guarantee security and trust. Phishing, disservices, ransomware and other cyber attacks steal data, damage business, steal identities and invade privacy, putting not only companies or individual customers but also entire nations in crisis. In a hyper-connected world, trust and transparency are two essential requirements together with transparency, reliability, social responsibility, resilience and privacy.

A new approach with Cisco’s The New Trust Standard

Above all, it is necessary to reach a new level of trust and with The New Trust Standard Cisco appears to have found the ideal approach to assessing a company’s trustworthiness as it embarks on its digital transformation journey. Cisco has changed its way of doing business and with The New Trust Standard wants to bring security where there is concern, trust where there is uncertainty, freedom to innovate where there are limits.

For example, a ‘architettura Zero Trust it leads companies to make a real change of course and as the title suggests it is important to “never trust and always verify”: all connections and devices must be checked before guaranteeing access. This approach should be applied to all business systems whose security could be compromised. Trusted Supply Chaininstead, it involves verifying the reliability of the ecosystem of suppliers that produce the technology we sell or use. Privacy and security are the two fundamental parameters to always keep under control and must be an integral part of the entire distribution chain and of the entire technological process. There data governance it means managing and adequately protecting data, providing access only to those who have the right to do so. This is why it is essential to make sure that your data is always protected and safe. Transparency is another essential requirement for understanding and mitigating risk while ccertifications and legislative compliance they are necessary elements to gain the trust of customers and fundamental in technological change.

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