Fluid Topics has secured 15 million euros in funding.

The Lyon-based digital publisher Fluid Topics announces a fundraising of 15 million euros to deploy UNITED STATES its search engine in technical documentation. The operation includes an opening of capital subscribed by the Anglo-Saxon fund Kennet Partners, which joins Ventech and Crédit Mutuel Innovation. Founder Fabrice Lacroix retains minority control of the company created in 1999.

A search engine in technical documentation

Few companies make 98% of their sales abroad, let alone 60% in the United States, a country where Gafam and ChatGPT reign. The French company Fluid Topics distributes in SaaS mode a search engine in the technical documentation of its clients, namely the industrial conglomerate Johnson Controls, the elevator manufacturer Koné and the aero equipment manufacturer Liebherr.


This navigation tool analyzes user manuals and technical data sheets, regardless of their format and effective date. “In certain complex cases of thermal engineering installations, for example, there are several versions and amendments, which can represent several million pages.“, underlines Fabrice Lacroix, founding president of Antidot, initially an engine for media portals, which became Fluid Topics ten years ago by specializing in complex navigation.

The engine interprets them, classifies them then delivers the right information to the user without requiring multiple requests. In addition to direct manufacturers, Fluid Topics is also of interest to software publishers who provide them with applications for the maintenance or after-sales service of their products.

We want to accelerate by targeting smaller companies. Which implies increasing our proximity“, describes Fabrice Lacroix, whose company employs 85 employees, half of whom are in the Lyon offices. Already present in the United States thanks to a sales team, Fluid Topics will open a subsidiary, increasing the workforce to around ten people. in 2024, and double that next year.

Objective: 25 million euros in 2027

Fluid Topics also wants to add innovation to its search engine, by opening up to content-generating AI, in order to meet customer demand. Fabrice Lacroix plans around ten recruitments in the R&D part of the company. Fluid Topics, which shows sales growth of around 40 to 50% per year, does not communicate its turnover. It aims for a target of 25 million euros by 2027.


At the head of a portfolio of $700 million, the London-based Kennet fund focuses on self-funded digital companies, often run by their founders and having previously received little external investment. He has just invested in Screendragon, and has stakes in Jiminny, Nudge and Provar Testing.

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