Flowblade 2.14 Video Editor Released

Available release of a multi-track nonlinear video editing system Flowblade 2.14, which allows you to compose films and videos from a set of individual videos, sound files and images. The editor provides tools for trimming clips down to individual frames, processing them using filters, and layering images for embedding into videos. It is possible to arbitrarily determine the order in which tools are used and adjust the behavior of the time scale.

The project code is written in Python and distributed by licensed under GPLv3. The assemblies are prepared in the format Flatpack. A framework is used to organize video editing MLT. The FFmpeg library is used to process various video, audio and image formats. The interface is built using PyGTK. The NumPy library is used for mathematical calculations. Used for image processing PIL. It is possible to use plugins with the implementation of video effects from the collection Frei0ras well as sound plugins LADSPA and G'MIC image filters.


Among the changes in new issue:

  • Added support for navigation around the editing table using specialized remote controls with a USB interface, such as Contour Design ShuttlePRO v2, Contour Design ShuttleXpress and Contour A/V Solutions SpaceShuttle, equipped with a jog/shuttle manipulator (a ring for controlling rewinding in different directions and a wheel for frame-by-frame navigation ).
  • The ability to edit titles has been implemented – the text and properties of clips with titles placed on the timeline can now be changed through the Titler interface.
  • Support for slow motion playback is provided in Slowmo mode – when you press the right/left keys while holding Ctrl, the video will play in forward and reverse order, jumping through 10 frames.
  • Ensures that the clip is inserted at the position of the playhead, and not at the track cutoff closest to it.
  • Unlimited stretching of graphic clips is allowed.
  • New filters have been added: “Position, scale and rotation” (with graphic editor), “Elastic distortion” and “Audio compression”. The “Waves” filter has been updated.
  • Adaptation of the code base for GTK4 has continued. The Gtk.Menu widget has been discontinued. The GTK4 port of Flowblade is expected to be ready next year.

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