Fix the Bridge and Solve the “Sand in the Hourglass” Problem at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After you have unlocked the hourglass in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Jafar will send you on the next mission. Your task is to repair the broken bridge in the courtyard. We will help you solve the quest “The Sand in the Hourglass” and unlock additional biomes.

A notice: To get the stately hourglass, you must start the DLC “A Rift in Time” and complete the quest “The Flying Metal Nuisance”. Follow the links to the solutions.


Remove swirling sand and use hourglass

First of all you should swirling sands as you walk to the right of the broken bridge. If you are standing directly in front of the broken bridge, turn to the right and walk towards the swirling sands that block the passage you are looking for. The following picture shows you what exactly is meant.

Equip your stately hourglass and approach the little swirling sands. Interact with them to remove them. You can only remove the large ones on the sides once you improve your hourglass. It is not yet necessary for the task “Sand in the Hourglass”.

As soon as the corridor is clear, run into it and go through to the end. In the small area you can already see the Statue of Time and to the right of it a hologram station. Answer it and talk to Jafar. The magician explains to you, how the hourglass worksso you can search for ancient fragments.

Use the hourglass like any other stately tool (watering can, fishing rod, etc.).Set it up as usual using the menu wheel and use it with the corresponding action button (on the PlayStation it’s the square, even if the instructions say X!). When you use it, A ray appears around the hourglass, which shows you a direction. Follow the beam. If the beam is white, there is an object or mist further away. The darker and yellower the beam becomesthe closer you are to the location. If you are close to an object/nebula, the beam will jump back and forth as you run. At this point you have to press the action button (square on the PlayStation) very quicklyuntil the object/mist appears. Collect him.


Find ancient fragments and old plates

With this knowledge, you can use the stately hourglass to find the ancient fragments of the statue. Both fragments are in the small area around the statue. One about in the middle and the other near the Table of Time, which glows blue.

With the two ancient fragments in your luggage, you next have to find three ancient plates. For this you use your stately hourglass again. Go back through the hallway into the courtyard.

The first old record You will find it immediately on the right when you come out of the corridor and enter the inner courtyard.The second old record is next to the Dreamlight fountain by the docks.The third old record can be found by the tree next to EVE’s house by the docks.

If you have all five items in your inventory, return to Jafar to the secluded beach back. This is the small area where you found the Statue of Time and the Table of Time. Go to the hologram station and talk to Jafar. You will receive “Detailed instructions for repairing the statue”.

Open your inventory, select the instructions and use them. Go to the Table of Time and select the “Task” tab. Here you will find the entry “Arm of the Statue”. Select it and the arms will be made. Grab the statue’s arms and bring it to her. Interact with the statue and you will have repaired it.

Repair the broken bridge

The statue glows and has its arms back. Now you have to go back to the broken bridge in the courtyard. Speak to Jafar at the hologram station. He tells you that you can now repair the bridge with the hourglass. You need 2,000 Mists to repair it. If you don’t have enough, look for it with the hourglass or complete fog duties in the menu.

If you have enough fog, Merlin will open the bridge for you. You will then have completed the task “The Sand in the Hourglass” and the next mission “Your Eternal Reward” will start automatically.