Five hidden gameplay details that are already exciting

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Von: Aileen Udowenko

A few months after the GTA 6 leak, the game has calmed down again. However, a fan has brought new details to light.

Hamburg – In September last year there was a massive leak at Rockstar Games. Several images and videos showed gameplay scenes from GTA 6 and further fueled the rumor mill surrounding the game. The material was completely deleted by the development studio, but now new leaks are coming to light. A player has now summarized 5 details about the latest part of the GTA series.

title of the game Grand Theft Auto VI (not yet confirmed)
Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
developer studio Rockstar North
platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (not yet confirmed)
Genre Open-World, Action

GTA 6: Player finds 5 exciting details in the leak

That happened: The GTA 6 Mega Leak has provided some interesting insights into the development of the latest installment in the series. Now there was another leak of the game, although the amount of videos and pictures is said to be significantly smaller this time, but from a more up-to-date stage of development. A fan has just shared his discoveries on a Reddit forum, and you must have missed some of them. These are the 5 details from the leak:

  1. Gangs: A debug text in the leaked material shows that there will probably be different gangs. One of them could possibly be the “Guardia Brothers”. A character from the game scenes is referred to in the code as “GuardiaBrothersGuardMale” and his leaning animation as “Lean_Wall_Back_Gangvibe”. Another gang is formed by the “San4San”, a guard with this name was also discovered in the leaked material.
  2. Places: Another video shows the two protagonists Jason and Lucia robbing a shop. If you look at the shop’s sign, you can tell it’s Hank’s Waffle. Another location could also be the building of the “Vice City Neighborhood Enhancement Team”. A house by that name was also discovered.
  3. User interface: The leaks also revealed something about the user interface. In another video with Lucia you can see waypoints that are equipped with a meter display. These seem to provide information about how far away the targeted location is.
  4. Locomotion: A particularly exciting innovation was discovered in the area of ​​locomotion. The fan noticed the “Input_Horse_Exit” command in another debug menu. This could mean that in GTA 6 we could even ride horses.
  5. Loot: One of the videos showed one of the developers placing a box on the street. A red circle on the crate indicates that it can be collected.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether all of the details will make it into the finished game. So far, Rockstar Games has not given any more detailed information about the content or gameplay of GTA 6. Even if the latest leaks are said to come from a more recent development phase of the game, a lot could still be changed before the release.

GTA 6 Release: Is there a trailer for the game coming soon?

Trailers for GTA 6: The developers of GTA 6 have not yet let their cards be looked at. Nevertheless, fans hope that the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel will appear soon. Many see the Superbowl as a potential event for the first GTA 6 trailer. However, an insider assesses the situation somewhat differently, suspecting that a GTA 6 trailer will not be released until autumn 2023.