First update in years makes shooter playable again

Respawn Entertainment has surprisingly released an update for “Titanfall 2” that makes the popular shooter playable again. Many fans are speculating what exactly this is all about and hoping for a new title from the “Titanfall” universe.

After a few years of silence surrounding the popular shooter “Titanfall 2,” developer Respawn Entertainment has now surprisingly released an update that has sparked a storm of enthusiasm among fans of the franchise. The successor to the also highly praised “Titanfall” was released in 2016, but did not achieve the hoped-for success due to the great competition on the shooter market.

In recent years, the game, which many consider to have one of the best solo campaigns and one of the best multiplayer, has been virtually unplayable online. The servers were miserable and numerous DDOS attacks made life difficult for the developers at Respawn.

The new unannounced update has eliminated these problems, which was also reflected directly in the number of players. Over 20,000 simultaneous players in online mode on the PC alone, and the number is rising, speak for themselves. In addition to game stability, the update also includes a few new features.

Hints about new Titanfall or collaboration with Apex Legends

In addition to a few new and old game modes, improved weapon rotation and reworked maps, Nessie plushies have been added to various map areas. This is the mascot from Respawn’s other big shooter title “Apex Legends”, which is also set in the world of “Titanfall”.

What this means exactly can currently only be speculated. A kind of cooperation between the two shooters is obvious. After all, content from the “Titanfall” games has been added to “Apex Legends” from time to time in the past, such as maps or gameplay mechanics. A seasonal event for “Apex” seems most likely.

But a new “Titanfall” spin-off would also be entirely possible. After all, there has been frequent talk in the past that “Apex Legends” could be implemented into a possible “Titanfall 3”.

Further news about Titanfall:

A third part was in development for a few months, but was canceled again by Respawn – on the grounds that they would see the future of their shooters more in the battle royale system, as used in “Apex Legends”. However, this new update has sparked hope for a rebirth of “Titanfall 3” among fans.

The second part was released on October 28, 2016 and is now properly playable again on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. What exactly the surprising update is all about remains to be seen. Fans can definitely expect more “Titanfall” content in the future.

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