Find and defeat Ungallant Knights in Resident Evil 4 Remake

For the quest “Ungallant Knight” in Resident Evil 4 Remake you have to find and defeat a dangerous knight in golden armor in the mausoleum.At this point we will help you to find the knight and to solve the task.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

“Ungalanter Ritter” the start

You can start this job in Resident Evil 4 Remake right at the beginning of Chapter 10.Before heading east to the ballroom, you can find the blue task slip for this mission in the anteroom.

Your task is to defeat an overwhelming threat and find the knight in the mausoleum. To do this, you must first go to the library that you previously explored with Ashley in Chapter 9.

Find and defeat knights

Exit the room through the western door and follow the path through the hidden passage blocked by the grandfather clock in Chapter 9. Go down the stairs and take the elevator down to the mausoleum. In front of you you can already see the golden knight with two more of the normal knights that you have often encountered before.

The knight is in the mausoleum where you were previously with Ashley (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
The knight is in the mausoleum where you have been with Ashley before (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

The golden knight is more difficult to defeat compared to the normal knights.You can’t hit his exposed parasite from the front because it’s on his back. First you should defeat the two normal knights whose parasites you can hit much easier.

flashbangs are very useful for this battle to remove the knights head armor.If you have multiple grenades, you can defeat them quickly as exposed parasites are very vulnerable to flashbangs.

When only the golden knight is left, you can quickly circle around him as he is very slow.So you can target his weak spot on his back and finish him off.When all the knights are defeated, collect the gems they leave behind and return to the merchant for your reward of eight Spinels to collect

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