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Saturday, May 14, the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Turin, Italy. The Breton group Alvan and Ahez represents France with a song mixing electro and the Middle Ages.

The Eurovision final takes place in Turin (Italy)Saturday, May 14. It will be followed by 200 million viewers in Europe. The Breton group Alvan and Ahez represents France. Among its members, the three singers are used to performing together, in Breton. It is not a language that is obsolete (…) it has its place in all types of styles, musical genres“, assures Sterenn Le Guillou, of the group Alvan and Ahez. Their music, inspired by a Celtic tale, brings together electro music and the Middle Ages.

Dozens of French supporters traveled to Turin (Italy) to support the group. It is a source of pride for Brittany and for all the regions of France which have linguistic particularities and linguistic minorities. It represents well the diversity of France“, assures a woman. The group is among the underdogs of the contest, while Ukraine is the favorite of the predictions.

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