Final Fantasy XIV has become the most profitable part of the series

Final Fantasy XIV has become the most profitable part of the series

Final Fantasy XIV has become a textbook illustration for the expression “from rags to riches”: at the beginning of its life, the MMO felt so bad that it took a global reboot, and now it has become the most profitable part Final Fantasy.

The leader told about the achievement FFXIV Naoki Yosida (Naoki Yoshida). According to the data Square Enix, the game grew at the following pace:

  • In 2015 FFXIV had 4 million registered players.

  • In 2017, after the release of the add-on Stormblood, – 10 million.

  • In 2021, before the release of the add-on Endwalker, – 24 million.

Now FFXIV is the most profitable game in the series, so the developers will spare no expense and effort to ensure that the MMO continues to delight its audience. According to current plans, the game is going to be actively supported for another 10 years.

Addition Endwalker will be the largest expansion for FFXIV, assures Remember… Like, this is such a large-scale addition that it is even larger than typical modern RPGs. “This is especially true for the plot, when we estimate the amount of text, cut-scenes and all that. I do not want to give comparative data, but [Endwalker] a lot more Shadowbringers», – is talking Remember.

In local history Endwalker will put an end to the saga of Haydelin and the Zodiac, which has been going on since the A Realm Reborn 2013. However, Square Enix promised that the addition is friendly to newbies, because it lays the foundation for subsequent events in FFXIV… Except for plot passions Endwalker increases the maximum character level, offers many new locations, expands PvP, makes it possible to equip a personal refuge island and more.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker kicks off November 23 on PC and PlayStation.


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