Fiat Punto will return to the market: the replacement is already in production, that’s where it comes from – Photos

Some time ago, we made a prediction for you: the Nuova Punto that the Stellantis group did not even vaguely mention at the end of 2021 could come from Latin America. Well, here we are.

It was 2018 when he left us there Big point, probably the Fiat subcompact that most fans of the group miss. The latest series of the famous Italian B segment subcompact was well received in the country and – curiously – also in countries where it has never been sold: just think that she appeared in the videogame “Need For Speed Most Wanted” set in the USA …

Fiat Grande Punto: left a great void (Wikipedia)

Four years after the exit of production of this model, we are all wondering what the intentions of the Fiat group are: they really mean deprive of a sequel such an iconic car when cars like the Tipo, Panda and 500 have all had an heir in the recent history of the brand?

Our initial hypothesis it may turn out to be correct: following a hissing announcement from Stellantis, we hypothesized that the new Punto could arrive in the course of 2022, perhaps starting from an already existing model, the Fiat Argo sold among other things in Brazil.

This utility car looks a lot like the second series of the Punto if it faced a modern restyling. This is why we are increasingly convinced that she will be the chassis for the heir of the car.

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The similarity is great

The American site came to our same conclusions seeing the photos of the Fiat Argo that will be put into production in Brazil starting from this year, also grasping a detail that we had overlooked: the similarity of the Argo with the Tipo, currently sold all over the world including Mexico, is strong.

Fiat Argo (Wikipedia)

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Having made this observation, it is easy to think that the fate of the car is linked double thread to that of the Fiat hatchback: to understand and predict when this new Punto could arrive then, we must first find out what plans Stellantis has for the car that has already been in production for years.

Sold as Fiat Tipor in Europe and how Dodge Neon in Mexico and the Middle East – among other markets – the Tipo broke expectations, selling hundreds of thousands of specimens of which 160,000 worldwide in 2016 alone, the year of its arrival.

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It is unlikely that such a successful car will be left without a legacy. If the Argo is really destined for the “secondary” markets of the Fiat brand, it is not difficult to imagine a more refined version ready for Europe which could bear the name Punto: giving a new model a historical name is an excellent strategy to immediately win over the public. But it will be time to prove us wrong or agree with us: so far, we’ve got it right …

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