“FGO Fes.2024” Embraces “EXPO” Concept with Five Pavilions and Special Servant Adventures Exhibit

In the “Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station Light Edition FGO Fes. 2024 Latest Information” broadcast on May 15th (Wednesday), “FGO Fes.2024'The latest information has been released.

◆The concept of FGO Fes.2024 is “EXPO”! “Five pavilions” welcome the master

RPG for smartphonesFate/Grand Order“'s anniversary real event “FGO Fes.” will be held again this year. The dates are Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 4th, 2024, and the venue is Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center Exhibition Halls 1-4.


This year's concept is “EXPO”. It has the meaning of “the various worlds that Chaldea has visited so far come together in Makuhari,'' and it is said that it will be one of the largest events ever, with “5 pavilions'' related to this.

Each pavilion is“Gudaguda Pavilion”, “Saber Wars Pavilion”, “Hawatoria Pavilion”, “I understand! Don't you understand? Pavilion”, “Chaldea Pavilion”. The contents of each exhibition are also made public.

One of the exhibition contents of “Chaldea Pavilion” is “Chaldea Treasure Hunting!' will also release more detailed information. You can choose one of the target servants and enjoy an immersive adventure together with full “Live2D” and “binaural” voices.

The target servant is“Aesculapius” “Rain Witch Ash” “Oberon” “Kama” “Shinsaku Takasugi” “Rava/Tiamat”6 horses. Both servants appear in “originally drawn costumes”. During the broadcast, the costumes of “Asclepius” and “Rain Witch Ash” were shown in advance.


◆Stage events and original illustrations by Riyo will also be released!

In addition, stage event information for both days has been released. More than 10 stages are planned, including the customary “Cast Stage” and “LIVE SHOW,” as well as the “Chaldea Broadcasting Station 9th Anniversary Special” on the second day.

In addition to this, we also have new illustrations drawn by Riyo. During the broadcast, four characters, “Olga Marie'', “Mash'', “Female Protagonist'', and “Male Protagonist'', were released in advance, and there are 19 types in total.

Advance ticket lottery sales for “FGO Fes.2024” will begin on June 21st (Friday). From now on, in order to apply for advance lottery sales, you will need to link your “FGO” account and “Aniplex Online” account in advance.

In addition, new information on “FGO Fes.2024” will be announced on the super!A&G+ version of “FGO Chaldea Radio Station Plus”, which is broadcast every Friday from 9:00 p.m.Other details“FGO Fes.2024” special sitePlease check more.

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