Fell! 2 announced for Nintendo Switch

Fell! shook up the platforms of the PlayStation era. Fell! 2 has refined this brilliant design, adding even more freedom of movement, incorporating new inspiring quests and throwing in a flying squirrel costume for good measure. We've learned that this exceptional sequel is coming to Nintendo Switch, and you can watch the first trailer above.

In Fell! 2: The Evil Swine Returnyou'll guide a larger, more weathered Tomba through a series of grueling challenges to save his beloved from the clutches of vile wild pigs.


“Fell!” 2: The Evil Swine Return” is a 1999 adventure platform game developed by Whoopee Camp and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation console. It is the sequel to the original game “Tomba! » and stands out for its unique visual style and innovative gameplay.

The story follows Tomba, a young pink boy with pink hair, on his adventures to save the world from a new threat: the Swine, a race of evil creatures. These Swine reappeared after being defeated in the first game, and they began to wreak havoc by transforming the world and capturing its inhabitants.

The game takes place in a vibrant and colorful world filled with diverse levels, each presenting unique challenges to complete. Tomba must explore these environments using his special abilities, such as acrobatic jumping and the use of magic items, to solve puzzles, fight enemies and help the characters he meets on his way.

A striking feature of “Tomba!” 2” is its non-linear approach to gameplay, where players can choose from multiple quests and objectives to complete at their own pace. This includes searching for special items, collecting event cards to unlock new areas, and interacting with a variety of colorful characters who provide side missions and rewards.


The game is praised for its distinctive art design, upbeat music, and playful atmosphere that captures the spirit of classic platform games while adding elements of exploration and puzzle-solving. “Fell!” 2: The Evil Swine Return” remains a favorite among retro gaming fans for its creativity and adventure-packed gameplay.