fantastic beasts and where to find them. Types, rescue, breeding and more

The magical and non-magical animals of Hogwarts Legacy are one of the most beautiful things about its setting. Avalanche Software is fully aware of this and that is why it offers us the possibility of being a magizoologist like Newt Scamander Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

As you progress through the story and side quests, you will unlock the Room of Requirement. Later, you will go to Animal classes and then you will unlock the areas dedicated to animals. you will meet Poppy Sweeting, an adorable, brave and future magizoologist, who will introduce you to the wonderful world of magical animals. On the other hand, the house elf Deek He will give you a bag to catch the animals similar to the briefcase Newt has.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at Hogwarts Legacy

There is a total of 13 types of magical animals scattered around the map Hogwarts Legacy. You can find them in their lairs (paw icon) and trapped in poachers’ camps. They appear as you progress through Poppy Sweeting and Deek’s story. The four most spectacular: x1 in Poppy’s story, x2 Deek’s missions and x1 in the main story.

Below I will tell you what they are (order of appearance in the image) and all the places where you can find them to rescue and raise them:

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  • Diricawl: Hogwarts Valley, Poidsear Coast, Clagmar Coast and Lake Marunweem.
  • Fwooper: Keenbridge in the Valley of Hogwarts, Poidsear Coast and Clagmar Coast.
  • giant purple toad: Forbidden Forest, North Ford Swamp, Hogsmeade Valley, Hogwarts South Region and Lake Marunween.
  • Graphorn: Encounter during the main story “The Trial of Saint Bakar”. After completing it, you can return to the same location (south coast of the map, borderline) to rescue more animals of this type.
  • Hippogriff: Forbidden Forest, Cape Manor, Poidsear Coast, Hogwarts Valley, and Feldcroft.
  • Jobberknoll: Feldcroft Region, Forbidden Forest, Lake Maruweem, Cragcroftshire and Cape Manor.
  • Kneazle: Brocburrow in Hogwarts Valley, Clagmar Coast, Cagcroftshire and Lake Marunweem.
  • Mooncalf: Feldcroft, North Ford Swamp, East of the Forbidden Forest, South Hogwarts and Poidsear Coast.
  • Niffler: North Hogwarts area, Cragcroftshire, Cape Manor, Poidsear Coast, Feldcroft and North Ford Swamp.
  • Phoenix: Deek’s side quest.
  • Puffskein: Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade Valley, Hogwarts Southern Region, Feldcroft, Poidsear Coast, Cape Manor, and Clagmar Coast.
  • Thestral: North Ford Swamp and Lake Marunweem.
  • Unicorn: Southeast of the Forbidden Forest.

Use the in-game map to locate the mentioned locations. Hover over the claw icons to find out if you’re going to the hideout you’re interested in.

Animales Hogwarts

Left: north and center. Right: center and south.

Merlin's Trials at Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find Them, How to Solve Them, Rewards and Trophy

Rescue, refuge and breeding of magical animals

Once you find the animals you want to rescue, my advice is this: use the Disillusionment spell to get closer to the animals, throw Momentum stop to paralyze them and then use the summoning spell on the bag to rescue them. Special animals like Unicorns and Thestrals will require more time, so you may need to try a couple of times.

You already have a lot of animals, now what? You have two possible courses of action:

  • you can take them to Fur and Feathers in Hogsmeade (north, horn icon) to get them to safety and collect some good money.
  • Can take some to your Room of Requirement and the rest deliver them in Furs and Feathers.

If you decide to take some to your Room of Requirement, you should know that you can take care of them and raise more animals. There are three versions of almost all species: male, female and special/shiny (little star next to the name), which can be male or female and have special fur.

Hogwarts Legacy 20230221121444

The Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide offers you challenges. If you like rescuing and raising animals, you’re going to have a great time. Mind you, be prepared to spend a LOT of time in the Room of Requirement. To learn how to raise animals, you simply have to follow Deek’s side missions: just rescue a male and a female, install the corresponding summon and wait.

  • Raise Unique Animals: 10 animals.
  • Rescue Animals: It has several phases of 10, 20 and 30 rescued animals.

In addition, the “Animal Nature” trophy challenges you to raise all kinds of animals, that is: 12 animals. The only one you can’t breed is the Fenix, since you’ll only be able to rescue one during a Deek sidequest. These two challenges are required to complete the “Collector’s Edition” trophy, which you get when you complete all collections from the section of the same name. It’s crazy.

Unfortunately, the Hogwarts Legacy animal system does not include non-magical animals nor a bestiary as such. It would be interesting to enhance this section in future DLCs (although things are not promising) with more animals, places in the Room of Requirement and a detailed bestiary. So far, good luck and enjoy!

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