FANTASIAN Neo Dimension, the RPG by Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy), to be released on new platforms!

After giving birth to the first Final Fantasy and worked on many other games at SquaresoftHironobu Sakaguchi founded his studio in 2004 Mistwalkerto whom we owe Lost Odyssey, The Last Story where the Blue Dragon. However, for more than a decade, the entity has only released productions on mobiles, including Terra Battle and its aftermath. The studio's most recent project, Fantasian, was released in 2021 exclusively on Apple Arcade and in two parts. This turn-based role-playing game has the particularity of its environments composed of real dioramas designed by artists from the world of tokusatsu (Godzilla, UltramanTHE felt…) and which have been scanned for virtual integration. And let's not talk about its soundtrack composed by the great Nobuo Uematsu. Since last summer, a playtest on the platform of Valve was discovered via SteamDBthe creator having made no secret of wanting to port his game to PC. Upstream of Nintendo Direct of this Tuesday, it is Nate the Hate who gave it another layer during one of his podcasts, as reported VGC, stating that Square Enix would edit the project on consoles and computers, with an announcement planned during the presentation. Well, he was right!

Trailer in English


FANTASIAN Neo Dimension was therefore announced on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC (Steam), and will be released this winter, without further details. It is therefore an improved version of the mobile game including Japanese and English dubbing, as well as a new difficulty option. In terms of plot, we will therefore embody Leohaving to regain his memories and fight against a mechanical infection ravaging the world, called Mechteria. In addition to its multidimensional universe including more than 150 dioramas, it is above all its distinctive turn-based combat system, where you will have to play on the angles of attack to damage several enemies at once. It will also be possible to store clashes in another dimension to return to them later.

Below you will find a presentation of certain protagonists and visuals on the following page.

  • Leo – A young man in search of his past and a purpose. After waking up in a strange world dominated by machines, he discovers that his memory has disappeared with only the blurred vision of a young woman in a distant land to guide him. Using a mysterious high-tech device, he travels to her home and embarks on a journey to recover his memories and seek his future. Along the way, he encounters new companions, new worlds and new enemies…
  • Kina – A young woman from the border town of En. A cheerful, somewhat eccentric orphan from an isolated town with a great aptitude for the magical arts. After finding Leo, she joins him on his quest to find his own identity.
  • Cheryl – The heiress of the Kingdom of Vibra (Editor's note, Queendom in English instead of the traditional term Kingdom). An elegant and strong-willed princess who decides to accompany Leo on his journey after discovering that he has completely forgotten their past encounter. Determined and capable, she fights by summoning knight spirits and casting magic from her ring.

Trailer in Japanese

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