Fallout Van Buren Remake on the Gamebryo Engine announced

fallout van buren remake mod

A much desired and almost forgotten Van Buren Remake mod for Fallout New Vegas has now announced. The remake will be based on the Gamebryo engine. It’s the same engine that was used to make Fallout New Vegas. Gamebryo Engine integrates with major 3D modeling tools including 3ds Max, Maya, and Softimage. This will allow modders to implement high-end texturing and rendering effects into the game. It will be enough for the devs to deliver the original Fallout vibe through this remake.

Fallout Van Buren was the original sequel to Fallout 2, meant to take place during 2253, and it was going to take place in the great Midwest Commonwealth situated over four states. And you start in Tibbets prison, an unknown location. 

The modders have promised to release a DLC probably based in Los Angeles sometime later in the future. The current priority is to finish the mod and polish it.

Fallout Van Buren Remake mod
Van Buren Remake
fallout new vegas van buren mod

You can checkout the mod page on Nexusmods.

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