Fallout on Amazon Prime: The importance of the best game in season 2

The Fallout series on Amazon Prime has impressed fans of the games. The story of the RPG also plays a central role in season 2. This also means the return of an important character from Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas – This character will be important

Warning: Spoilers for the Fallout series and the game Fallout: New Vegas follow


Fallout fans are currently waiting impatiently for the second season of the hit series on Amazon Prime Video. In an interview with Variety, showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet talk about the importance of Fallout: New Vegas for the second season of the series. The RPG is considered by many to be Highlight of the Fallout series even though it doesn't come from Bethesda, but from Obsidian Entertainment.

There aren't many details about the plot yet, of course, but they can reveal that Mr. House will appear again. Fans can also look forward to the appearance of a deathclaw. The IGN report on the interview also mentions that many characters from the series are on their way to New Vegas and that the city in the Fallout world belongs to Robert House. The businessman is therefore “involved” in season 2. However, this specific quote has since been deleted from the Variety article (source: Variety, IGN).

This is how the Fallout games differ from the series. The video contains spoilers for the TV show and the games:

Mr. House in the Fallout series: Is that even possible?

The quote from the series creators naturally invites speculation. First of all, it is unclear whether Robert House will only appear in the past (before the nuclear war) or also afterward. Fallout experts will probably have already noticed that the head of RobCo-Industries already had a cameo appearance in the finale of the first season.


Fallout: New Vegas, however, takes place 200 years later. All that is left of House is a mummy, kept alive by machines. The series is set even later in the timeline. For House to appear, the series makers would have to choose a decide a specific end of the gamein which the businessman survives and may even continue to be in charge of New Vegas. In the final scene of season 1, the city did not make a good impression. So it remains to be seen how the wasteland has changed in the time between the game and the series.