Fallout New Vegas, big news coming to the game

Fallout New Vegas, there is great news for the video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda.

Fallout New Vegas is undoubtedly one of the most popular video games in the world, with millions and millions of users who still believe the chapter officially launched in 2010 the best of the whole saga. One of the most popular IPs in the gaming world and among the best RPG always, the saga that sees the gamer having to survive in the Contaminated area after a nuclear war of apocalyptic dimensions. And there are many who are still waiting for a sequel that continues to be the object of the desire of fans.

Fallout New Vegas, big news coming to the game

Unfortunately, for the moment, there is still no official announcement of a direct or even a spiritual sequel to Fallout New Vegas. According to official reports, something big is moving within the Xboxwho bought Bethesda and also Obsidian within the huge operation ZeniMax which cost the American company 6.9 billion dollars.

Fallout New Vegas, huge news for all fans

Fallout New Vegas continues to be the forbidden dream for many gamers, who hope to be the Obsidian developers once again working on a sequel of the game. Obviously, all that remains is to wait and even a long time to better understand what will happen to the IP. What we can say, however, is that already from this moment you can experience something new related to the video game.

Betheshda and Xbox

A modder passionate about Fallout, in fact, has just formalized the launch of a new mission for the video game. The mod in question is called Special Delivery! and guarantees to those who play it a new adventure of approx 5-6 hours but not only. As stated in the official page of the modin fact, there is also talk of new music, new characters and new landscapes. The mod can be downloaded here, this is developer Davo’s message. Below the trailer.

It has been a work of mine of love – and extreme frustration – for several years. I am ready to try to solve any problem, but I fear that some are beyond my comprehension. Please be patient, as this is my first mod. Help me to help you! ”.

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