F1 Manager 2024 Set to Release on July 23, 2024

“F1 Manager 2024” was announced in March of this year as the latest work in Frontier Developments' F1 team management sim series, but as expectations are high for the latest work, which will be the third installment in the series, Frontier Developments has announced a new book. The release date of the game has been announced, and it has been revealed that it is scheduled to be released on July 23, 2024.

In addition, in conjunction with the release date, a gameplay trailer of the latest work will be released, showing various new elements such as the ability to create a new team, affiliate drivers, dynamic changes in the race due to mechanical failure, and improved visuals. It is appearing.


“F1 Manager 2024” includes the creation of a new player team, enhanced customization elements, strengthened rival team AI, improved gameplay and simulation including racing behavior and the addition of new cameras, and the addition of new vehicles. and race format updates.

F1 Manager 2024

Lead your team to glory in F1® Manager 2024. With the new Formula 1® season comes the most comprehensive modern F1® management experience. Build your legacy with one of 10 official F1® constructors or create your own team for the first time in the series.

Game overview

  • Place yourself in the pit wall stands of F1 and manage every element of the 10 official teams, or create your own team for the first time in the series and aim for glory.
  • Your decisions will determine your success or failure on the track. Plan your strategy, lead your team, and watch your drivers carry out your orders in thrilling F1 races, broadcast in TV quality.
  • The pressure of competing at the pinnacle of motorsport isn't just limited to race day. Manage your drivers, staff, car development and facilities over multiple seasons and increase your team's chances of securing a Formula 1 podium position.

New in 2024

let's build a team

For the first time in the series, there is a feature that allows you to create your own team. Challenge the grid and build a new legacy. Customize every aspect of your team, from its creation to the vibrant design of your logo and racing suits. Hire the right staff and drivers, and negotiate with sponsors to fund your vehicle.

mentality system

The new Mentality System brings the dramatic world of F1 to life, both on and off the track. Manage the characteristics and needs of your staff and drivers in pursuit of success. Do you value competent drivers even if it means dissatisfaction with other drivers? Undesirable results can lead to disillusionment and loss of motivation for the team. Your management style is the key to success.

Dynamic team AI

Competition in the F1 paddock is fierce and all eyes are on its future. Keep your star talent happy and don't let them be poached by competitors and hinder your team's goals.

affiliate driver

Build your legacy by developing F2 and F3 talent and adding them to your team's affiliate slots. Secure future stars and make their success your own.

mechanical trouble

Even with the best strategy, the race can still end on the first turn. The introduction of mechanical problems always presents new challenges and opportunities to racing. Pushing your car to its limits over many laps comes at a cost. Can you deal with such problems so that you can remain on track? When a problem arises with a rival, be prepared to seize the opportunity and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Visual improvements

Circuit visuals have been updated for the 2024 season, including the return of the Shanghai International Circuit. Improved trackside marbling and improved use of real-world data provides the latest and greatest visual presentation, making racing lines clearer than ever.

overhead camera

An overhead camera captures strategic race action from an elevated position, giving you a new perspective to execute and develop your race day strategy.

further elements

  • 2024 F1® Sprint Race Format
  • 2024 driver and staff roster, including drivers from development and team academies
  • Improved approachability, including improved data visualization, option to simulate an entire race weekend, and improved tutorials
  • A thrilling new season continues with race replays allowing you to relive the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship