F1 23 Update 1.17: New style for the Ferrari SF-23

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What does today’s update 1.17 bring to F1 23?
F1 23 Update 1.15

In the world of motorsports, both on the real race track and in the virtual arena, continuous adjustments and adjustments are the key to success. Just like in the real Formula 1 season, where teams constantly refine their vehicles and strategies, this dynamism is also reflected in the world of F1 23.

With the latest update 1.17, now available for all platforms, Codemasters brings a breath of fresh air to the game. This takes another step towards perfection and ensures that the virtual racing experience remains as exciting and realistic as possible.

The brand new “F1 23 Update 1.17“ is now available for download for all platforms. Unfortunately, we do not have the respective file sizes.


F1 23 Update 1.17 (1.017) Patch Notes | 11/20/23

The main changes and additions of the update include:

  1. Scuderia Ferrari SF-23 “Golden Age” Livery: An attractive new livery for the Ferrari SF-23, including racing suits and driver helmets, has been added. This visual innovation gives the game a fresh aesthetic and celebrates Ferrari’s glorious past in Formula 1.
  2. Visual updates of the Aston Martin AMR23: To increase authenticity, the Aston Martin AMR23’s appearance has been updated to bring it closer to its real-life counterpart.
  3. Bug fixes and stability improvements: Various minor bugs have been fixed. This includes correcting an issue where F2 23 and 5-lap races were incorrectly appearing in Ranked mode. Also fixed was a bug that caused players to be promoted without completing Ranked Division races. There were also improvements in the general stability of the game.

Further improvements

In addition to the highlights mentioned, the update includes:

  • Fixed an issue where events in the F1 World Solo & Multiplayer Events tab were missing their titles and names.
  • Fixed an issue where completing a race in Multiplayer Grand Prix with multiple races in the playlist would not progress to the next race in the lobby.
  • Resolved an issue where purchasing Pitcoin from the store and then purchasing an XP boost resulted in a crash.
  • Various minor fixes to improve the gaming experience.


With Update 1.17, Codemasters once again demonstrates its commitment to continually improving F1 23. The developers remain true to their approach of continually optimizing the game based on community feedback. This update is an exciting expansion not only for die-hard fans of the series, but also for new players, further enriching and deepening the virtual racing experience.

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Source: EA Answers (X)