Ezra Miller’s Superhero Career Comes to an End: Loses Role in Popular Series After Controversies

Culture news His superhero career is over. Ezra Miller loses his role in this excellent Amazon series after controversies


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The problems continue for Ezra Miller. The actor who played in The Flash is given another role.


We need to talk about Ezra

Even if he has appeared in famous films and well-known series, such as We Need to Talk About Kevin or Californication, Ezra Miller is best known for his escapades and other scandals linked to his private life. The list of problems publicly revealed is long, with arrests for disturbances of public order, harassment, assaults, reports of theft or even negligence that may have endangered children. You will have understood, for many years, the behavior of Ezra Miller did not help Warner to roll out the red carpet for him. The group even considered canceling the release of The Flash despite the millions of dollars invested, but the actor's public apologies as well as his promise to seek treatment made it possible to smooth things over and take the feature film to the end. dark rooms. Unfortunately, it didn't stay there for long due to its poor box office numbers. As a reminder, Ezra Miller was unable to participate in his promotion.

In August 2022, the comedian released a statement apologizing for his behavior. “Having recently gone through a period of intense crisis, I now understand that I suffer from complex mental health issues” he admitted, before adding: “I would like to apologize to everyone I have alerted and upset by my past behavior. I am committed to doing the work necessary to return to a healthy, safe and productive place

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A bad guy changes his voice

His psychological instability and poor performance in The Flash unfortunately cost him the role of Barry Hallen in the DCU. James Gunn has indeed made it known that the actor would not take up the superhero costume in his new universe.

After Gunn's decision not to continue with Miller, the actor is now losing his role as a villain in Amazon Prime Video's animated series Invincible, as noted The Hollywood Reporter. Until now, he voiced the character of DA Sinclair, one of the bad guys from the first season. Eric Bauza is now taking over the role, an actor known for having worked on multiple video games, series and cartoons, in addition to having been the narrator in the series Community. For the moment, no official details have been given on the reasons for this decision.

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