Exploring the Wild World of a New Game from the Creators of Elden Ring – Perfect Rating on Steam!

Game news Do you like dogs and chaos? Developed by the publishers of Elden Ring, this crazy game has almost a perfect rating on Steam!


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A new game, developed by the publishers of Elden Ring, has invaded the Internet in recent days. Simple and fun, the title received rave reviews, reaching 98% positive ratings on Steam.


If Bandai Namco is better known for legendary titles like Elden Ring, the Naruto Storm series or Sand Land to be released on April 26, the studio also works on games with lower ambitions. Its latest release, for example, will undoubtedly have more in common with Katamari Damacy than with Dark Souls. Appointed Doronko Wankothis new title narrates the antics of a little dogdetermined to completely return its owner's house.

A dog game

Appeared for free a few days ago on Steamthe game is already receiving a large number of positive reviews, achieving a rating of 98% good feedback at the time of writing these lines. Players are invited here to play a Pomeranian Loulou (or Dwarf Spitz), whose goal is simple: ransack his master's house. The literal translation of Doronko Wanko literally meaning “muddy dog”, explains one of the main mechanics of the game: sprinkle everything with mud. By rolling your dog in the mud, you can dirty, in addition to destroying, the owner's property, increasing the repair bill which serves as a score.

As you carry out your carnage, your dog unlocks new areas of the house to destroy, new tools to help him in his task, as well as many hats to collect. But be careful, your landlord is on the lookout and will not let you carry out your crime without reacting. Developed as part of the New Employee Onboarding Program (GEMini), this title was released alongside two other gamesall published by Phoenixx Inc.

It's the story of a dog, a robot and a boomerang…

Doronko Wanko therefore did not go out alone. It was accompanied by two small games which certainly did not enjoy the same public interest, but which remained no less interesting. Nottolotthe first, allows you to play as Rolly, a small ball-shaped robot, who must use their hacking skills to escape from a big factory. The second, Boomeroad'''''', is an action RPG whose main feature revolves around a '''magic boomerang capable of creating rails, on which the protagonist can ''slide''''' . These two games, like their canine counterpart, receive many good reviews, both reaching “more than 91% positive evaluations”.

Do you like dogs and chaos? Developed by the publishers of Elden Ring, this crazy game has almost a perfect rating on Steam!

Usually known for its games derived from the Touhou Project universe, Phoenixx has become a recurring partner of Bandai Namco, concerning the publishing of games created during the integration of new employees. The studio had already published four titles in 2022 for Bandai. There is no doubt that the success of Doronko Wanko has made it possible to perpetuate this partnership.


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