Exploring the Realism and Unique Gameplay of a New First-Person Shooter: My Experience with Bodycam

Game news It's one of the most realistic games in the world, but what exactly does it offer? I played Bodycam and I've never played an FPS like this…


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Before its early access release on June 7, the Bodycam video game was one of the most anticipated titles on Steam. An enthusiasm certainly due to the apparent realism of its graphics. Last year, we already told you about a game with a similar concept: it was Unrecord, which has many points in common with Bodycam. Both are developed by French people whose studios are the first to offer such a concept. I played it for several hours, which allows me to tell you about it in more detail.


A gripping realism

Bodycam is a competitive first-person shooter. A genre of titles that we also call FPS. And it must be said that this time, he has never had such realistic representatives. We play an individual ready to wage war against his adversaries, a bit as if we were really there. It's difficult to compare with real life as I don't have that experience, but I really had the feeling of being immersed in a credible armed conflict.

A feat partly due to the realism of the graphics (Unreal Engine 5). The different maps appear to be taken from places existing in real life. It is sometimes so well done that it is difficult to distinguish the enemies because of the effects of light. It's especially amazing when it comes to infiltrating a house at night, the weather changing during the game. You must then be much more careful, and be careful if you decide to turn on your flashlight. In the same way, the deafening sound effects coherently transcribe those that one might hear on a shooting range. This particular attention to the atmosphere makes Bodycam games particularly tense and gripping, especially in team matches: two teams face each other and, like Counter-Strike or Valorant, must win the game by planting or defusing a bomb.

Reality also has its faults

But the reality is that it's not a game. It's worth pointing out that Bodycam is therefore not suitable for all gamers, and probably not for those looking for an easy-to-learn experience. If there is a training ground to practice, no tutorial welcomes players in Bodycam. In war as in war, players are released with weapons in hand onto the battlefield without any explanation. Likewise, no customization seems to be possible at the moment.

This hyper-realism is also felt in the games. Besides the difficulty, sometimes, in seeing your adversaries, it takes a certain time to take aim at them with the scope since it is very difficult to know where our weapon is pointing if you are not aiming. A single bullet is enough to put any individual out of action and it is sometimes impossible to know where it came from. There is no replay or live monitoring of what is happening on the pitch.

In short, Bodycam is an ultra-realistic competitive shooter in the making that takes reality to be immersive. With its qualities and faults. For those interested, it is already available on PC in early access since June 7.