Exploring the Potential Remake of a Final Fantasy Episode: A Response from the Producer

Game news After FF7 Rebirth, what if this episode of Final Fantasy was entitled to its remake? The producer responds openly!

While the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is imminent, its developers are increasing the number of interviews. Recently, the question of a remake of a certain episode was asked to its director at the time. For him, if this were to be done today, a central element would have to be completely modified.


Scheduled for February 29, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is eagerly awaited by players. It must be said that the title is the direct sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake and the second part of the FF7 overhaul project. Faced with the success of this trilogy, fans are asking for more and do not hesitate to demand other remakes of an episode of the series. While Final Fantasy VIII celebrated its 25th anniversary on February 11, the question of a more modern version of this opus was asked to its director at the time, Yoshinori Kitase, who is also producer of FFVIIR.

“Rework the combat system to be more balanced”

During an interview with IGN, Yoshinori Kitase explained that he would rework a central element of this part: its combat system. Here is what he details:

I think you remember that we had the matchmaking system in Final Fantasy 8. In this system, enemies leveled up based on the player's level. It was therefore necessary to use the association system and customize it to meet the challenge. I think it was a very difficult system for some to understand. Depending on the players' skills, sometimes they couldn't figure out
the best way to proceed.

So I think I'd like to go back and rework (Final Fantasy 8)'s combat system so that the level of difficulty and accessibility is better balanced for some fans. So I think that's the thing I would look into the most if I were to consider remaking the game.

I realized that trying to recreate the volume of content from RPGs of the era in modern times is really not something that can be taken lightly. It’s such an investment of time and effort that you really need to think carefully before embarking on such a project.

I have to say that the combat system of Final Fantasy VIII is quite particular, with its invocations available from the start, its system of associating magic with
statistics or even its spells that must be stolen from enemies. If it can be satisfactory once mastered, it remains quite disconcerting for new players who will not appreciate it at
its true value
. And as for the realization of the FFVIII remake, we cannot say that the producer seems particularly keen.

While the full remake of FF7 will have taken almost fifteen years once completed, Yoshinori Kitase said a Final Fantasy VI remake would take at least 20 years. And then, during
this same interview, Naoki Hamaguchi, the director of Rebirth, explained that he would oppose the idea of ​​launching another FF remake project after that of FF7, even if Kitase suggested it.
To work on a seventeenth episode? Only the future will tell us!