Exploring the Exciting New Features of Update 30.00 in the Fortnite Festival

There Season 3 of Chapter 5 of Fortnite was launched this Friday, called Unbridled and putting lightly Metallica ahead. The group of heavy metal should take over from Billie Eilish on June 13 for the Season 4 of Fortnite Festival to believe the roadmap which leaked, but in the meantime, some new features still appeared during update 30.00not to mention the regular additions of new songs obviously. At the launch of the Season 3 At the end of April, pro main instrument and pro bass were addedthen only playable with a guitar accessory. Now everyone has access to it, both on PC with keyboard and on consoles with controller. We thought we would have fun with the five color keys even in the lowest difficulty modes, except that to play the notes, it is imperative to strum while holding the notes. We tried the experiment at DualSense and unless you are a virtuoso, this seems like a very bad idea in terms of ergonomics. Given the feedback we have seen, this option does not seem to please many people. On the keyboard, in relation to what the article indicatesEpic Games, it’s already much more accessible. In all cases, a tutorial wouldn't hurt instead of having to go into settings then try to figure out how to play…A new option has also been added in Gameplayallowing you to display the professional colors of each channel even with basic instruments and vocals.

You will find all the details of the new features below:


Following the release of the pro main instrument and pro bass during Season 3, version 30.00 adds more accessibility options for playing these instruments:

  • You can now play pro lead instrument and pro bass on any platform and on PCeven if you don't have a guitar controller;
  • Keyboard keys and mouse buttons can now be assigned to the Pro Main Instrument and Pro Bass!

In addition, you can also use guitar controllers compatible with non-pro instruments (for example, vocals or drums).


We received many requests with the release of the professional instruments. One of them was being able to assign their keys to the keyboard and mouse. This will be the case in version 30.00! New keys have been added to play green, red, yellow, blue and orange notes, in addition to keys for strumming. This allows you toimitate the keys of a guitar controller by holding the desired color key while pressing the key to strum, which plays the note.

Sharp notes, those that look like an arrow pointing upward, are played by releasing the key at the right time. There are no sharp notes with pro instruments. Instead, you have two new note types: Hammer-On and Pull-off. These notes have a different appearance from regular notes. When you chain notes, you can activate Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs. To do this, press the key you assigned to them with the corresponding color. (You don't need to scratch these notes!)

Keyboard and mouse compatibility allows PC gamers to map keys on any keyboard, remap controller keys to a keyboard, or configure devices for accessibility to pro instruments. Now get to the top of the leaderboards!


Please take into consideration that we are still working on improving the pro instruments and that things need to be tweaked. The display must in particular be reviewed for all players since the instruments are now compatible with keyboard and mouse. When choosing the backstage program, pay close attention to the instrument you choose and familiarize yourself with the strumming keys before jumping in with a pro instrument!

Here are the default keys for professional instruments. They are defined so that you can hold your keyboard as if you had a guitar in your hands:

  • Keys 1 to 5 are used to play colored notes (green to orange) on the channels;
  • Right Shift and Enter to scratch;
  • Footer to use overload;
  • Right Ctrl for vibrato.

The default keys on the controller use the high triggers for strumming and the high triggers for using overload and vibrato.

To play a note with pro instruments, you must press the strum key while holding the key corresponding to the color of the note. The note will then be played if you pressed at the right time.


In addition to adding keyboard and mouse compatibility on PC, we have made several improvements and fixes to pro instruments since their release:

  • You can now play hammer-on and pull-off notes more consistently without strumming;
  • No matter which instrument you choose, there is now an option to display note channels as multi-colored gems. This is a similar way to the pro main instrument and pro bass;
  • We've added a new option to show or hide the channel keys under each channel. The keys are displayed by default for all instruments, except pro instruments.

We have had very good feedback on the sensations provided by the guitar controllers. However, one criticism stands out: the window for playing notes (so-called “coyote time”) is too demanding. We planned to carry out improvements in the next update 30.00. We will keep you informed when the time comes!

We continue to explore avenues to improve the number of compatible guitar controllers for console gamers. We will keep you informed of progress.

Thank you to the players who tried their hand at professional instruments and welcome to those who are entering the Fortnite Festival stages! We will continue to listen to your feedback and add songs.

Other than that, the store has been welcoming for a while a second skin by Billie Eilish and some accessories to go with it, coinciding with the release of his new album Hit Me Hard and Soft. Several songs taken from the latter have also been added, something to delight fans of the artist.


You will see red! Billie sports a bold new style that you will find with the Billie outfit with red roots. L'back accessory Good girl wings is also included.

Other items matching the red roots are also available in the Item Shop. Hit the flaming Charleston drums with strength and delicacy. Play intensely the red guitar as if time did not exist.

Take Billie's pit bull, Shark, with you on stage. (If you're not afraid of him stealing your spotlight.) You can do this by equipping theShark back accessory.

The Billie Red Roots Outfit (+ Good Girl Wings Back Bling), Shark Back Bling, Flaming Charlestons Drumset and Red Guitar can be purchased separately or as part of the Billie Eilish Bundle.

You can also use all of these items in Battle Royale. (Sometimes it's better to see red in the middle of battle.) If you play LEGO experiences, Red Roots Billie also has a LEGO version!

Fortnite Billie Eilish 02 13 05 2024 Fortnite Billie Eilish 03 13 05 2024 Fortnite Billie Eilish 04 13 05 2024Fortnite Billie Eilish 05 13 05 2024

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