Exploring the Atomic Shop in Fallout 76: A Guide to Access and Discover what’s Inside

News tip Atomic Shop Fallout 76: How to access it and what can you find there?


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For some time now, and in particular since the release of the series, Fallout 76 has seen a resurgence of players who are now roaming the lands of Appalachia. Moreover, the game necessarily has mechanics specific to an MMO, like the Atomic Shop which we will help you better understand here.


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  • A store where you can spend Atoms
  • How to access the Atomic Shop?
  • Fallout 1st and Atomic Shop

A store where you can spend Atoms

As we have just told you, Fallout 76 is an MMO and obviously this means that its development and its new features continue over a long period. Gold, the game does not offer a subscription or at least it is optional.

Therefore, to ensure constant cash flow, a purchasable currency has been created: Atoms. In addition to this currency, a store has also appeared, specifically designed to spend this new currency, the Atomic Shop or Boutique Atomique in French.

The latter offers you a whole bunch of things, including items that were only accessible via season passes until then. We mentioned to you for example the Cremator, a weapon from season 16 which is no longer more accessible if not via this Atomic Shop.

To make these purchases, you will first have to go through the credit card box given that Atoms are a premium currency. Count on average a ratio of one euro per 100 Atomseven if the more expensive you buy a pack, the more interesting the ratio (125 Atoms per euro for the 40€ pack for example).

Now that we know how this Atomic Shop works in Fallout 76, all that remains is to access it and the good news is that it won't take long to unlock it. Indeed, This Atomic Shop is accessible as soon as you leave your starting shelter.

To do this, all you have to do is go to the main menu of the game or simply to the “pause” menu once you are in the game. Other good news, most of the purchases you make there will be linked to the account and not your character.

Please note, for completeness, that for a moment it was possible to access this Atomic Boutique from the stations, using a cardboard Pip-Boy. However, this functionality has been removed and is no longer accessible at present.

Atomic Shop Fallout 76: How to access it and what can you find there?

Fallout 1st and Atomic Shop

Finally, note that this Atomic Shop will be interesting for those who have opted for the optional Fallout 76 subscription plan that we told you about at the start of the article, Fallout 1st. Indeed, this gives several advantages, particularly at the store level.

The first is quite simply that you will receive Atoms as part of your subscription, 1,650 per month to be completely precise. Atoms that you will therefore be able to spend in the Atomic Shop to buy the items of your choice.

But on top of that, you will also be entitled to special offers. You will be able to have discounts and each month you will have an item offered to you. Please note that the latter will be yours, even if you subsequently cancel your subscription.

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