Exploring a Unique Multiplayer Sci-Fi Game: Combining Genres with Challenging Missions and Spaceship Management

Game news This new multiplayer sci-fi video game mixes genres with its dangerous missions and spaceship management


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In the corners of the video game world, a fine team of distinguished developers unveils its new space game. Leading this project are figures such as the founders of Hazelight and Mojang. This new title is about to surprise you with its subtle mix of genres.


Behind the scenes of the video game industry, a team of ten Keepsake developers, including renowned talents (such as the founders of Hazelight and Mojang), are cooking up something surprising. Their creation, Jump Ship, is not just a “space game”. It's a fusion of varied styles, combining the adventure of Sea of ​​Thieves with the action of Left 4 Dead, all wrapped in a layer of strategy inspired by Faster Than Light. This mix promises a unique gaming experience, where space exploration meets intense cooperation in epic battles and stimulating challenges. Plus, it's official: the game will be available on PC and Xbox upon release, sparking growing impatience among players waiting for a new space adventure. For now, no release date has been revealed.

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The daring combination of Keepsake

Jump Ship, as defined by Keepsake, therefore embodies a unique fusion between Sea of ​​Thieves and Left 4 Dead. The Sea of ​​Thieves element manifests itself in the cooperation between players to pilot and customize a spaceship. However, the game is not limited to space navigation: players can also land on planets and face AI enemies in PvE combat. This is where the influence of Left 4 Dead is felt, with a dynamic AI “director” who adapts encounters based on each person's actions. This combination of gameplay elements provides hope for a thrilling and immersive experience for those looking to venture into the far reaches of space.

This new multiplayer sci-fi video game mixes genres with its dangerous missions and spaceship management

A game with ever more content

You will also find a bit of Faster Than Light which results in the management of the power conduits and other functions of the ship through a strategic mini-game. This seamless integration adds extra depth to the gaming experience, trying to eliminate any boredom through constant evolution. Just when the driving routine might be settling in, the game surprises you by switching to a first-person shooter mode, offering a diversity of captivating experiences. Plus, after collecting your loot and escaping, the challenge only begins when your ship is attacked, forcing you to make quick repairs like a Star Trek crew in action.

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