Explore GTA 5: Interactive Map featuring Locations, Activities and More

The game world of GTA 5 is huge. Although there is a map included in the game packaging, locations, activities or other secrets are not marked there. We show you an interactive map with locations, shops and collectibles.

Interactive map with all locations and secrets in GTA 5

Click here for the interactive map of Los Santos.


The ambitious fan project has one digitized map provided, with which you can select and search for individual mission points. This provides a quick and clear view of the huge island, which, according to Rockstar, is around 150 km². If you don’t like this map, IGN also presents an interactive map with all the collectibles.

If you open the map, all locations are initially hidden. This is how you can get an impression of the island of Los Santos. Click on the option “Show All”, all elements are displayed with an icon. This is how you discover every shop, mission and building. Hidden weapons and other objects are also displayed on the GTA 5 map.

You can even see the Easter eggs in GTA 5 on the interactive map. Interesting places are also listed here for online mode. To get a better overview, individuals can Locations can be filtered and hidden. This way you can keep an eye on the important content and avoid unimportant places. The map can be viewed ideally on the PC screen, but can also be accessed on the “second screen” when playing on the smartphone.

Printed map for GTA 5?

You can also put the map on paper using the print options in the browser. However, due to the many details, it may not be so clear. There are some providers online where you can order a printed version. On Amazon you can find a sign that shows the entire map of Los Santos.


Printed hanging cards are available on Etsy. Please note, however, that the locations are not listed here and you may have to add them if necessary.

Does the map in GTA 5 actually exist?

GTA 5 takes place in the city of Los Santos. It is an imaginary location in the fictional state of San Andreas, which also does not exist in real life. But the locations have some real models. The city is modeled after Los Angeles and Hollywood. You can see this, for example, in the “Vinewood” lettering, which is reminiscent of the Hollywood sign. There are also a few other locations that were built into the game based on real life. These include, among others, these locations:

Galileo Observatory: Griffith Observatory Del Pierro Heights: Searise Office Tower Vinewood Bowl: Hollywood Bowl Amphitheater Vespucci Beach: Venice Beach Los Santos Storm Drain: Los Angeles Rivers Maze Bank Tower: US Bank Tower

You can find some locations from GTA 5 that are based on real places in this video: