Exoprimal Preview

In recent years, Capcom has continued to not only support its well-known game series by releasing sequels to Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, but also to create something new. This year, the Japanese will present a project developed according to a completely new IP. Multiplayer action shooter Exoprimal with dinosaurs was a “dark horse” until the authors conducted open beta testing, thanks to which ordinary users could get acquainted with the game.

Exoprimal was announced in March 2022 at the State of Play showcasing PlayStation games. Ironically, the action will be available from release on the competitor’s Xbox Game Pass service. The first video was supposed to interest fans of the cult Dino Crisis by showing a red-haired heroine, vaguely reminiscent of Regina, and also to attract people who are fond of fashionable network battles in a team to the novelty.

Events unfold in 2043, where dinosaurs literally appear out of thin air. In the future, humanity is faced with the problem of portals suddenly opening in the sky, from which reptiles fall. To clean up the territory from terrible monsters, a special group was created, armed with force shields, exoskeletons and the latest weapons. Players will join an elite squad of reptile killers and take part in operations to destroy dinosaurs.

In the fight against bloodthirsty creatures, the Aibius corporation, which has revolutionary technologies, has volunteered to help, including a new generation of artificial intelligence Leviathan, capable of predicting the places where dinosaur portals will appear. However, despite the emphasis on the multiplayer component, the developers promise a full-fledged story campaign with a well-thought-out story and memorable characters.

In the trial version, only one mode is available and training, in which players are taught the basics of control and how to use exoskeletons and their special abilities. Each hero, who is given a choice of ten pieces, has his own talents. One is able to put up a barrier, the other to heal, and the third to move quickly and deal increased damage.

Available characters are divided into three parts: attack aircraft, tanks and support. The first ones attack dinosaurs, the second ones protect from them, and the third ones restore health and help their comrades-in-arms in every possible way. Each class can also be customized a bit by choosing one of five pre-installed skills. When a separate button is pressed, the ward will be able at a certain moment to fire a cannon, strike close with a fist, exit the battle with a catapult, heal or hang a shield on himself.