Exciting News: Popular Game’s Upcoming Free Release Revealed

Free mystery games are back on the Epic Games Store. Our national dataminer, however, has already revealed the identity of one of them in advance.

The Epic Games Store hit hard last week. To celebrate the arrival of its big annual sales, the store is putting aside the small free games usually offered. For four weeks, users will then be able to get their hands on bigger productions which will be kept secret until every Thursday at 5 p.m. sharp. Finally on paper, since one of the next free Epic Games Store games has already leaked.


A free Epic Games Store game has leaked

The Epic Games Store is exceptionally breaking its routine. On the occasion of the return of its “Mega Sales”, the Fortnite dads’ shop is pulling out all the stops. No more small independent productions unknown to everyone, the publisher is banking on AAA productions. There will therefore be a total of four big free games that will be available, starting with Dragon Age Inquisition and all of its DLC. Perfect for catching up before the announcement of its sequel, Dreadwolf, promised for this summer, probably at Summer Game Fest. Players have until May 23, again at 5 p.m. sharp, to collect this beautiful gift. After the fateful hour, it will be replaced by a free mystery game and its identity may well have leaked.

It's still our dear Billbil-Kun who spilled the beans. According to the dataminer's research, one of the next free Epic Games Store games is none other than Farming Simulator. A highly popular title, which can therefore be retrieved soon from the store. When ? It is impossible to be fully certain. The leaker thinks it will be next week's gift, but there is always a possibility that it will be the one given the week after.

The latest representative of the ultra popular license from Giants Software will in any case have something to keep you busy for a long time. If fields, tractors and cereals are your thing obviously. In total, more than a hundred licensed tools and machines will be available to you to help you build the farm of your dreams. Financial management, control of resources, work in the fields… life as a farmer is not easy. At least you won't have European pressures or Karine Lemarchand in your way. To be found very soon for free on the Epic Games Store.