Exciting News for Berserk Fans: A New Fan-Made Anime is Coming Soon!

Culture news Berserk fans will finally have the right to the anime they deserve: it's made by fans, it looks crazy and we know the release date


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It's been a few months now that we've been aware of the creation of a Berserk anime by fans of Kentaro Miura's manga. United under the banner of the Eclypse studio, the animators have finally lifted the veil on Berserk: The Black Swordsman, a series which will serve as much to pay homage to the manga as to offer an adaptation that lives up to the story imagined by Kentaro Miura. As a bonus, we had the right to the reveal of the release date!


Berserk, a manga whose adaptations have not always been unanimously unanimous

More and more, the list of mangas which have the right to be adapted into an animated series is being expanded with new names. Lately, we could cite the works Wind Breakerby Satoru Nii, and Kaiju #8, by Naoya Matsumoto, two new animes that are part of the great spring surprises in the Crunchyroll catalog. If anime fans are fond of new releases, they nonetheless hope to rediscover cult works which were not necessarily unanimously appreciated during their previous adaptation. In this case, Kentaro Miura fans are yearning for a new animated series dedicated to Berserk.

Certainly, there was indeed the 1997 animated series, which adapted the arc of Golden age (The Golden Agei.e. volumes 3 to 13) until the famous Eclipse, but subsequent projects, in particular the two-season one, overseen by the GEMBA and Millepensee animation studios between 2016 and 2017, were not necessarily warmly received , the fault for example of a 3D animation which did not necessarily honor the work of Kentaro Miura. To rectify the situation, we were able to count on the series Berserk: Memorial Editionreleased in 2022 and divided into 13 episodes, but, once again, fans have much greater ambitions.

Berserk fans from Eclypse studio reveal the first images of their anime, as well as a release date!

Very often, it is said that you are never better served than by yourself. This adage, fans of Berserk took it literally, notably those who now work under the banner of the studio aptly named Eclypse. We knew that the animators were hard at work on this series, called Berserk: The Black Swordsmanand this was further revealed a few days ago through a conceptual trailerand, with that alone, we say to ourselves that perhaps we have the anime that we have been waiting for so much!

To top it off and offer a final surprise to passionate fans of Kentaro Miura's work, the animators from the Eclypse studio punctuated this long-awaited trailer with a release date. To find out if these fans of Berserk had the backs strong enough to tackle such a challenge, we will still have to wait for a good handful of months. As has been revealed, the series will launch its first episode in the summer of 2025, without further details at the moment.. In the meantime, we're enjoying these three minutes of happiness while hoping to finally have the adaptation that fans have been dreaming of for years.

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