Exciting New Information Revealed for Upcoming Open World Game

The next opus in the Call of Duty franchise is the subject of many rumors, and apparently its release date has been discovered. How long is there to wait?

Last year, we were able to welcome a new game from the Call of Duty license. Unfortunately, Modern Warfare 3 was not necessarily to everyone’s taste, starting with our national KiKiToes who gave it a score of 4/10. Will Activision manage to make up for it with the next title on the list? That’s what we hope, but for the moment, we don’t know much about him. What if a big surprise was brewing in the shadows? From what we understand, the release date is no longer a secret.


The next Call of Duty is coming soon

This is obviously not the first time we have heard about this mysterious game. Last year, Windows Central reported to us that Treyarch was putting together a part of the Black Ops series. With several sources in support, the media claimed that we would be immersed in the Gulf War and that we would be on the side of the CIA. As a reminder, it is a major conflict that took place from 1990 to 1991, and pitted the United States against Iraq. Coming back to our interested party, it would also mark the return of Zombies in round-based mode. We were even given a release window: 2024.

This date matches the one given to us by the new rumor. However, the latter turns out to be more precise. But first, where does this information come from? From the media Inverse, which spoke with sources who remained anonymous. They would have participated in a virtual conference organized by Xbox on February 6. Phil Spencer, the CEO of the firm, was present as well as the president, Sarah Bond. This would have made a rather clear statement: the new opus of the Call of Duty franchise should normally be released in October 2024.

Obviously, you have to take this with a grain of salt. Until we have official confirmation, it is best to avoid rushing to these kinds of conclusions. However, if this famous Call of Duty is to be released in 2024, then we should technically have news about it in the coming months. Who knows, it could even be in a few weeks (let’s be optimistic). We are impatiently awaiting a real announcement, because for the moment, this project is being kept very discreet.