Exciting Large-Scale Battle Unleashed in ‘Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue Saga’ – Inside CβT Play Report!

Aiming is planning to release a smartphone game in 2024 titled “Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue Saga(Ti Neue Saga)'' closed beta test was held from March 14th to 24th. In this article, we will introduce the real-time large-scale battles held by many players.pitched battleWe will deliver a play report that includes the pattern of “.

◆Empire and Alliance…Which side are you on?

This work is based on the anime “Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue TheseThis is a strategy simulation game based on the “Die Neue Thesis” series.Humans who went into spacegalactic empire(below”empire“)andfree planets alliance(below”allianceThe story is set in the future, where the two countries are divided into two countries and are at war with each other.Reinhard von Lohengrammallied withYang WenliThe story depicts how these two geniuses greatly influenced history.


In response to this, the game has been designed with an emphasis on the clash between the Empire and the Alliance, and when you start playing, you will first have to choose which army you will belong to.This decisionOnce decided, it cannot be changedSo, this is a problem right away.

It is not a question that can be answered unequivocally as to which is better, “tyranny of a rare genius'' like the Empire, or “democracy in which citizens and their elected representatives exercise authority'' like the Alliance. However, this time I chose an alliance.

It's not because I'm a “favorite of Lieutenant Frederica.'' It's true (image is from the official website of this work)

◆For tomorrow's victory, first engage in domestic affairs!

This game follows a game cycle in which you accumulate power through “domestic politics” → engage in “battles (competitions between multiple players)” in which you clash with hostile forces to unify the galaxy → conduct domestic affairs again in preparation for the next battle… It has become.

The fate of the battle between the Empire and the Alliance will be unfolded in an original story depending on the outcome of the battle, but since a seasonal system is adopted where each season ends in 10 weeks, the results of victory and defeat will be reset each time a season ends. Masu. Let's start by looking at “domestic politics.”


The player is a newly appointed admiral who has been entrusted with one of the important strategic bases for his army. First, focus on domestic affairs, enrich your resources, and prepare your military. There are three types of resources: “food”, “fuel”, and “minerals”, and as you raise the level of the corresponding manufacturing plant, the real-time production amount will increase. By investing these resources, you will raise the level of various plants and manufacture ships for battle.

What I felt at the beginning of the play was, “There's not enough food!” Everything we do requires a large amount of food, and fuel and minerals are scarce. If you leave this state unattended, it will be inefficient, so things like “When raising the level of a plant, first start with a food manufacturing plant'' or “Choose something that gives you food through “troop dispatch'' that gives you a reward after 4 hours in real life.'' We have taken measures.

Basic screen for domestic affairs.Various equipment will be unlocked as the game progresses.

It is also effective to use the “exchange office” where you can change any resource into another resource, but the exchange rate is 40%, which is quite low. The more you use resources, the less the total amount of resources will be. Raising the level of a facility will improve the exchange rate, but leveling up requires more resources than other facilities, so it's best to use it sparingly in the early stages.

◆ Organize and train your troops for the upcoming battle!

It is impossible to win the battle against the Empire just by having the same number of ships. The level of skill of the commanders…in other words, how well they develop their characters is also important. Now that I have the number of “standard battleships” I have produced, I decided to organize my troops.

The unit leader is Yang Wenli, the alliance's most genius strategist. Each commander has three attributes: “brave general,” “wisdom general,” and “fierce general,” and four types of roles: “attacker,” “defender,” “supporter,” and “healer.” According to the tutorial, “It is better to have a well-balanced composition of roles than to specialize in any one role,'' so I decided to have all roles in one unit.

Yang is known as an “undefeated magician,” but in the game he is forced to struggle against brave commanders.

When they search for a healer, they find that the only healer they have is Yang's adopted son, Julian. I feel sorry for bringing him to the battlefield as he is still young and not a military man, but even if you lose, it's a warm game with no character loss, so please forgive me, Julian!

A boy named Julian, who has been assigned to a military unit.Perhaps my gacha luck was biased, but he was the only healer in my unit.
Characters from both sides will appear from the gacha, regardless of which side they belong to.

Once you have assembled your ships and formed your troops, you can set sail into the “star region”…that is, into space! There are training units of the same faction scattered around you, so actively challenge them and collect training materials. Even though it's an exercise, you'll lose a lot of ships if you engage in consecutive battles or lose, so be careful not to overdo it.

There is also a base of the “bandit army”, a disturbing element, in the star region.In missions (so-called missions), you may be ordered to attack bandits.

◆Revenge achieved after a painful defeat in a pitched battle!

After completing the internal affairs and star field exercises, it was finally time for the firstpitched battleIt's a challenge. The first thing that was done was a game where up to 30 players could belong.fleet(So-called teams and guilds) clash with each other.encounter battle“was. All battles take place in real time, and the time limit is 30 minutes.

Can be equipped to the commanderflagship“or”reminiscenceI've completed the settings and enhancements to a certain extent, so I thought I'd be able to contribute even though I wouldn't be able to play an active role…However, as my fellow troops clashed with the Empire, I was scattered around the stage, not just my troops. NPCsupport fleetI was waiting for a too guilty development where I couldn't even win. And in their first encounter, they ended up losing…

Blue is Alliance, red is Empire.By the time 13 minutes had passed since the start of the battle, we were already starting to be pushed.

Review of unit composition and technological developmentstandard battleshipWhile we are doing everything we can to further strengthen the game and conduct active training, the day of the final encounter battle of the beta test period has finally arrived.

An incident occurred when I was on the battlefield and was working with my allies to take down one of the frontline bases before starting a war with the Imperial fleet on the front lines.The fleet is in the line of sight of an imperial fortress.With alliesIt has the power to instantly destroyfortress cannon” was fired. Your allies will give you an alert just before the fortress cannon fires, but you won't be able to avoid it in time.

As you keep pace with your allies and advance through the early stages, an alert appears at the top of the screen…
The Empire fires its fortress cannon!If you get caught up in the attack, your unit will be wiped out without any questions asked, and you will have to respawn from your base.

The aristocrats of the empire seemed to care a lot about face, and so on and so forth, as they went on the offensive and won their first unit battle.

However, the front line was pushed further and further, and the situation suddenly turned around. At that time, I suddenly looked at the fleet chat and it said,In the worst case scenario, fire the fortress cannon.” is the word! This one also valued face! I'll do my best to stop it, so please wait a little longer!

As a result, we did not fire our fortress cannons and narrowly won the battle against the Empire. I'm glad I didn't get caught up in this… It looks like I managed to reach a successful end to the beta test.

I feel like I was able to make a small contribution in the end by capturing one of the satellite bases.

A strategy simulation game depicting the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance.Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue Saga” is scheduled to be released in 2024. It is a game that focuses on conflicts between two countries (≒ battles between players), but of course it is not only about that, but also an original story surrounding the player who is a newly appointed admiral, and a “commander scenario” prepared for each commander. There is also a lot of fun to be had.

Imperial Fahrenheit (image right) commander scenario depicting a conversation with Admiral Merkatz
During the beta test, we also experienced a large-scale battle called “Decisive Battle'' in which armies clashed in the Iserlohn Corridor. However, as if something had gone wrong, there were no Imperial troops at all.The atmosphere felt like a large-scale exercise.

(C) Yoshiki Tanaka/Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Production Committee (C) Aiming Inc.

*Screen photos used in this article are currently under development.