Exciting Enhancements for the Top Free Game of April

One of the biggest games on PS Plus in April 2024 is going to receive major updates that should change everything.

Like every month, PS Plus subscribers can enjoy several games depending on their subscription plan. Before the Extra and Premium catalogs are updated, all users who have subscribed to the PlayStation Plus subscription can already enjoy several games offered to everyone. This month, no less than 3 free games are offered to all subscribers, regardless of their plan, and among them, a very large, ultra-nervous FPS.


Big update for the most massive PS Plus game from April 2024

We are of course talking about Immortals of Aveum, a “magical” FPS developed by Ascend Studio which is joining the PS Plus games this month of April. An extremely dynamic title created by a team of industry veterans. And if it particularly interests us today, it's because it will soon receive a major update. No free content, but feature additions that should save the day.

Upon its release, although the game was rather well received, on average, it unfortunately suffered from some technical glitches, particularly on consoles. On PS5, Immortals of Aveum is in fact less fine than expected, a sacrifice obviously wanted to ensure almost constant fluidity, but which was very poorly calculated. Not only did the game lack finesse, but as a bonus, it found a way to have framerate drops here and there.

Not everything was rosy upon release ©Immortals of Aveum

A clear graphical improvement…

However, Immortals of Aveum is not dead and it will take advantage of its arrival in the PS Plus games from April 2024 to flex its muscles on PS5, but also on Xbox Series and soon on PC. The game will in fact be entitled to two major updates which should drastically improve the user experience. The first should be deployed shortly on PS5 and Xbox Series, if it hasn't even already happened by the time you read these lines.

Patch will start slowly by adding HDR and some fixes. A graphical improvement therefore which should be rather positive especially since the game plays a lot with effects and colors. For now, however, only the PS5 and Xbox Series versions will be affected, the PC version will be updated a little later, as we can read in the patch notes.


Immortals of Aveum
Certain Sequences will love HDR ©KiKiToès – Immortals of Aveum

…and a new feature to definitely save the game!

Then will come patch which will arrive a little later without a specific date, but in the month of April, that's for sure. This time, still on consoles, it is the framerate which will be improved with the integration of AMD's FSR 3, a technology which makes it possible to improve fluidity without relying too much on the technique. A first on PS5 and Xbox Series which makes the studio particularly proud.

This will be the perfect marriage between framerate and graphics quality in short which will allow all players equipped with a VRR (variable refresh rate) compatible screen to benefit from a better framerate. Hoping that this will make it possible to no longer have any slowdowns this time. But after several updates and these next two patches, Immortals of Aveum could well be given a real second lease of life thanks to PlayStation Plus. It has already succeeded in several big games, why not this one.