Everything you need to know about Persuasion

What is Persuasion in Starfield?

Persuasion is a peaceful gameplay system, available in certain situations, and allowing, when successful, to skip certain combats or to unlock other mission endings or other types of rewards. This is a sort of “game” where you have to choose answers from among imposed choices in order to score as many points as possible in a defined number of rounds.

If a dialogue choice named “Persuade” appears, clicking on it will take you into this speaking challenge. You will then have to complete a certain number of lines (the dots at the bottom left) in the number of rounds indicated next to it.


Each sentence has a number of points and a color from green to red. But be careful, the more points you try, the more likely you are to fail in your persuasion. It’s up to you to decide according to the reactions of your interlocutor, the remaining rounds and your points scored. Finally, note that the sentences are random and change between several attempts.

How to win a speaking challenge?

To succeed in these persuasion challenges, several options are available to you but you absolutely need:

  • Think as the game/your interlocutor thinks, and not necessarily as you would have answered
  • Most of the time, avoid sharp or overly direct responses at the risk of distracting your interlocutor.
  • Despite everything, take risks that can pay off (do not limit yourself to +1s)

Note that if you are just 1 move away from winning your challenge, the game will offer you an extra round to try to end on a success. It’s hard to come up with a miracle solution as it will vary depending on your skills, or the situation. But several techniques allow you to improve your chances of success.

How to increase your chances of success?

Starfield guide persuasion skill 2


To help you succeed more often in your speaking challenges, you can, for example:

  • Use persuasion boosts (such as the Chandra Cabernet Sauvignon drink which increases your chances of persuasion by 9% for 5 min)
  • Increase your Persuasion skillallowing the highest to obtain an additional 50% chance of success
  • Use the automatic persuasionunlocked after a certain number of “correct answers” ​​through your persuasions

You now know everything about Persuasion in Starfield which will sometimes allow you to miss big fights. For more tips and tricks, feel free to browse our other comprehensive guides as well as the full game walkthrough.